#VocalforLocal—5 Home-Grown Brands We’re Currently Loving

#VocalforLocal—5 Home-Grown Brands We’re Currently Loving

Priyam Prasad

The 2020 pandemic has affected a lot of businesses and has had a major impact on small and local businesses. In these uncertain times, I have had the opportunity to try some local, home-grown brands and have realigned some of my shopping needs and desires to support the #vocalforlocal initiative. I am glad that I did, as it has led me to do some responsible shopping. By purchasing products from small, home-grown businesses, we in a way support local talent and artisans and generate regional employment. Also, as these products are probably made in smaller quantities, I feel they have much better quality and craftsmanship. Let us have a look at some of these brands and products that even you all can consider trying.

1. Ethical Rani

I am so glad I was introduced to this brand because Ethical Rani is something else. The juttis are PETA approved, vegan, cruelty free, ethically made and environmentally responsible. It supports local artisanry and craftsmanship without compromising on style. Each element of the jutti is free of animal products. The beauty is that they are eco-friendly yet chic, a perfect comfortable wear for the modern and socially responsible women of today. Even the dust bag that comes with the jutti is made from waste fabrics sourced from the local tailors and designers to promote recycling and re-using. Every package delivered at your doorstep comes with a special hand-written note from the founder and owner Kanika Sharma Soni. Isn’t it amazing?

You can check out their look-book and shop here

2. Ecoscac

I started using Ecosac bags when plastic was banned, and I am so happy to see their product range expand and how! Ecosac bags are a perfect example of ‘reduce, recycle, reuse’ and I feel elated to be using these utility bags that are here to eradicate the usage and menace of plastic bags. They are eco-friendly, user-friendly and the best part is that they are an affordable alternative to plastic. The bags are sturdy yet trendy and come in various sizes and colours. They have also recently launched a range of 100% cotton masks which are beautiful too. Cheers to the founder and owner Mr. Anil Chowta for launching a brand that is here to save the environment and planet.

Say good-bye to plastic bags and welcome the affordable alternative—Ecosac Utility Bags, shop here.

3. Comm-Bucha By MAVI

Kombucha is a 2300 years old concept of fermented tea from South East Asia. It is probiotic, raw, and live! It’s quite popular amongst health freaks and I am glad to be introduced to this vital indulgence. Comm-Bucha by MAVI delivers Kombucha that helps in digestion, is rich in vitamins, healthy acid, and enzymes. What I love about this home-grown product is that it comes in so many varied flavours—there’s something for every sort of taste bud. I absolutely loved the kombucha flavours—ginger ale, twisted shikanji, ginger and kokum! They have also recently added a range of tepaches, sauerkrauts and kimchis—which are all made from fresh and organic ingredients sourced from farmer’s markets. Kudos to the founders—Vikram and Meenakshi for making social drinking healthy! A local detox drink that cleanses your body and tastes good too—tangy and fizzy.

If you’re looking for some healthy drinks, you got to try this booch! Find them here and have a look at their range of products.

4. Shanti Hastkala

Shanti Hastkala is an NGO run by an ashram called Shanti Mandir near Valsad in Gujarat, for the betterment and empowerment of women of Magod. The NGO trains these women from the village to make and create beautifully handcrafted handicrafts and gives them a platform to be independent and self-sufficient. Isn’t that something? This NGO creates and exhibits a range of products like Kurtis, bags, jholas, skirts, wraps, curtains, quilts, soft home furnishings, pure hand-rolled incense, organic pickles, and chutneys. I absolutely love the artisanry and craftsmanship of these women making these beautiful and ethnic products that also has so much finesse and style. All the reasons to support this totally local brand and help make a difference in a true sense.

Check out their products here.

5. Satvyk—The Health Re-Store

The pandemic has been taking a toll on our health as well and we have all the reasons to try something healthy and organic. This organic food store is all about going green and sustainable. They bring the concept of ‘farm to table’ to each one of us. This online organic food farmer’s market is not just adopting green practices for the sake of our Mother Earth but at the same time is also providing a sustainable livelihood to our hoar-working producers—the farmers. They have a huge range of groceries, fruits, veggies and more, that are also rich in essential nutritional values—what more do you need?

Find them here and increase our daily dose of nutrition.

This was my list of home-grown products I had the opportunity of trying/having and which made me celebrate ‘made in India’ proudly—unapologetically Indian and equally responsible and sustainable. Hope you guys also love them as much as I did! Also, let us know if you’ve happened to try some home-grown products recently. We would love to hear from you.

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