While many love the summer season and hate to see it end, I’m more of a fall gal myself. I love the cooler weather and welcome the change towards the more festive season. In fact, if you love playing with makeup, the fall and winter season allows you to create more versatile makeup looks. Generally in summer, while you do see some bold looks, it’s usually about less is more makeup. Factoring in the heat plus the ongoing pandemic, it might have wiped any desire of yours to get all dolled up. Whereas in contrast, in fall you might be swapping the sun-kissed glow but in exchange, you get to play with heavy metals and rich jewel tones. Also, think about it, the weather is finally cool enough to actually spend more than 15 minutes on your makeup and not worry about it melting off.

Another great aspect about this years falls makeup trends is the break from monotony. Along with the return of fall beauty classics such as metallics and vampy lips, there’s also space for more experimental and rainbow-hued looks this season. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the traditional colour palette. Obviously, one thing to note would be with the inclusion of face masks into our daily routine, so the focus has shifted more towards our eyes to get creative.  But hey glowing skins and natural looks are always in style so there’s something for every makeup lover this season.

Keep scrolling and get inspired with these gorgeous fall makeup ideas:

1. Artistic multi-coloured eyes

There’s no limit to how many colours you can wear on your lids. Multi-coloured eyeshadows are a great way to play around and to showcase your favourite colours. Plus who said you can’t play with colour in fall? So practice your artistic skills with some cool looks like these that are also super popular on Instagram. Check out this insanely bold eye look by Erin Rose that include a lot of vibrant and jewel tones.

2. Smokey blue

TBH most of us have done a basic smokey eye at some point or another. This time, swap out the standard black for trendy blue-toned shade. It will elevate your look and makes your eyes pop. Keep the rest of the look simple with flushed cheeks and clear glossy lips and slicked-back hair so the focus is on your eyes.

3. All about the blush

Blush is making a return in a big way. A cool way to wear your blush this season is by draping. Here, use the blush to inadvertently contour your face by blending it up near your brow bone and into your temples. Go in a with a light hand first and opt for a monochromatic look to keep your look seamless like this peachy look by Patrick Ta.

4. Olive green eyes

I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of olives, army greens and khaki shades more often lately. It’s a lovely underrated colour that can be a real show stopper when paired with a bit of gold. These greens also complement a wide range of skin tones and eye colours like this cute wasabi green inspired look you can try on your next sushi date.

5. Coloured mascara

With face masks being the new norm, skip the bold lipstick and go bold on your lashes instead. Trying on bold mascaras is a great way to experiment with colour without putting in too much effort with your eyeshadow. So swap your regular black mascara out for a colourful shade of your choice before stepping out the house on your next outing. Or you can even use a set coloured lashes instead of mascara for a more fluttery effect that makes a statement.

6. White as snow

While white eyeliner was a huge trend this year if you’re not into a graphic eyeliner why not try this softer look instead. Cover your lid with a soft wash of white eyeshadow and draw on a sharp foxy eyeliner. Complete the look with some fluttery lashes and nude lips and this will make you wish for a cool winter already.

7. Metallic eyes

You can’t go wrong with silver metallic eyelids for fall. Pair it with tons of mascara and a nude lip and you’ve got the perfect combo to get you through party season. Go one step further and get creative by adding a 60s twist to this look by accenting your lids with abstract black liner.

8. Luxe liner

We love a good eyeliner blended to perfection. The subtle definition on the eyes with peachy nude lips is a look that is simple enough to recreate and looks great on everyone. Use a long-lasting eyeliner pencil with a creamy formula for best results.

9. Gothic lips

You can’t have makeup inspiration for fall without including a dark vampy lip. However, instead of picking up that matte lipstick ditch it for a more glossy finish that’s on-trend and will give your look some definition. Also while berry shades are always great why not try black or very deep smokey purple instead to change things up.

10. Pumpkin spice

This orange fizzy eye look infused with a bit of gold by Katie Jane Hughes is fabulously fun. A vibrant look balanced with a dusty rose lip is perfectly appropriate for the season. Definitely, one you should try at least once this month.

Which of these fall makeup looks are you most excited to try first? Let us know in the comments below!

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