Social media platforms are a playground for all the talented creators whose amazing content keeps everyone engaged and entertained. Moreover, some of these creative digital ideas turn into trends and instantly go viral on Instagram. These challenges have the ability to keep us all hooked for hours at a stretch. From youngsters to senior citizens, everyone is giving these catchy viral challenges a try! Let’s check which trends and challenges spread like wildfire on Instagram in the month of October!

Check them out here:

1. Time Wrap Scan

You definitely don’t wanna miss this viral effect that literally everyone is talking about. It is super hilarious as it freezes the frame and shows us what would happen if we get trapped and wrapped in time. This crazy and quirky challenge has gained momentum and everyone is loving it. Here is how Prajakta Koli used this trendy effect in a very cool way. If you haven’t tried it out yet then you must right away, fam!

2. “How it Started – How it’s going”

This simple trend rose swiftly and became a viral sensation, not only in India but all around the world. Many celebrities, influencers and creators shared their journey of life through this challenge. Looking back and reliving the moment from where they started to the present, where they are in life today. It definitely was an emotional challenge where everyone had their own stories to share just like how Anmol Sachar shared.

3. Biggini Shoot

Which shoot? Yes, Biggini Shoot! After ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’, this new track caused quite a havoc on social media. This video is created by the famous and most unique creator and music composer, Yashraj Mukhate. It is an amalgamation of funny snippets from a TV Show along with a catchy tune. It totally took over the internet and many influencers and creators recreated the video in their own creative yet quirky ways.

4. Shoe Flip Challenge

Though this challenge started in early September, it took social media by storm in October. This popular and super cool challenge has made it to the list of viral trends. You simply need to flip your shoe with swag and then switch to a new glamorous look altogether. Just like how Aanam does here is in this post!

5. #PassTheDandiya Challenge

This Navratri was indeed different because of the uncertain times that we are living in currently. However, social media got that covered for us too! The trend of passing the dandiya sticks became viral during the festival. We saw multiple creators like Masoom Minawala take part in this challenge which was so wholesome and heart-warming.

6. Baba ka Dhaba

Even though we know this is not a challenge but this incident really showcases the power of social media. No one had any idea about who and what Baba Ka Dhaba was. It all started when Gaurav posted a video of the 80-year-old couple getting emotional on his Instagram page. The video showed how the pandemic hit the small businesses of food stalls. This video became a viral sensation on the internet. Many influencers like Harsh Beniwal shared it amongst their networks, This eventually turned in a way that now you can witness a massive crowd at the stall every time you visit. It really shows us how social media can impact people for good, this was a very special moment in the month of October!

These super fun and exciting trends are defo saving us from boredom! If you haven’t tried them all out then what are you waiting for? Which trend was your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

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