International Internet Day (Source: Shutterstock)
International Internet Day (Source: Shutterstock)

While the internet is one of the most powerful tools on the planet today, I can surely admit that it wasn’t always the fastest, most handy, and the easiest tool to use back when it all began. Like anything we use for the first time, it was an awkward experience that I defo do not want to relive. I’m so glad we’re at the age where WiFi is quick and painless, google has all the answers and long-distance relationships still have a chance. But let me assure you, the first lot of the ‘internet’ users did not have the most pleasant experience. I’m here to relive the simpler time with you, so let’s journey back and show you what life was like back in the ’90s. Here we go…

1. The landline compromise

Were you also one of the unfortunate ones who had to yell at your sister to give up talking to her boyfriend so you could connect to the internet and chat with your friends?

2. ASL?

Who else remembers asking random people in chat rooms their ASL? Basis of the information we received, we quickly knew whether we want to continue chatting or not.
FYI: ASL stands for Age, Sex, Location.

3. Embarassing email addresses

This reminds me of my “friend” who created this really awful email ID called I promise, I’m talking about a “friend”. Anyway, did you have one too?

4. Trips to the cyber cafe

I bet the kids today think it’s some sort of Sci-Fi themed cafe with coffees named “Robotoccino” and “Cosmic Latte”. Well, kids, it’s not. It’s actually a creepy room with old computers where you rented internet per hour. Somehow gave me the heebie-jeebies.

5. MSN Updates

I think the time when we wrote sobby song lyrics as our MSN updates just for that ONE person to read was a pretty scarring experience, don’t you agree?

6. Hi5 & Orkut

Before Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Hi5 and Orkut were the coolest platforms to use. Those days were truly simple. Trust me.

7. Internet Explorer pop-ups

God forbid your internet crashes while sending/receiving a file. The sheer number of pop-ups that would not stop taking over your screen was shocking. If you were an anxious kid like me, this was pretty much the worst thing to happen.

If you’re a 90s kid like me, you may have gone down a horrifying yet surprisingly comforting memory lane. And if you’re anyone born after, you must really read this piece with pity in your eyes. I know I know, the internet wasn’t the most cooperative tool, but it sure taught us patience and for us, it was a helluva cool luxury to own. So the question is, which one of the two are you? Tell me in the comments!

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