Let’s be honest, Halloween is going to look very different this year. However, that’s no excuse to not get in on some of the spooky fun. October 31st gives us the perfect excuse to dress up in a cute costume and amazing makeup even if that means attending virtual parties instead of in-person. But don’t forget to sort out your nails this Halloween to add more life to your outfits. Even if your costume is as simple as cat ears, this is the perfect occasion to get a festive manicure with a little nail art.

The best bit about nail art is that its cheaper than a costume and way more fun. Plus they’ll look great to look out everytime you reach out for your cocktails! So if you’re looking for some creepy and kooky Halloween nail inspo, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re DIY-ing your nails or getting them done professionally, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest and creative nail designs that you’ll want to copy, ASAP.

Scroll ahead and get inspired with some fun nail art designs to celebrate the spooky season:

1. Witchy vibes

Looking for something classy and subtle? Check out this super-cute, witchy French manicure with black tips. Add on some gold-coloured moon decals and your witch hat and you’re good to go!

2. Coffin nails

Literally, put your nails in the coffin with this look. An easy look to recreate; all you need is a matte black nail polish for the base and a gold polish. Next, add some gold accents like borders and the Cross. Finish off with a clear polish.

3. Deathly hallows

Are you a huge Harry Potter fan? Then this design is for you. Showcase your love for the series by decorating your nails with Deathly Hallows and other spooky, Potter-themed elements.

4. Ouija board nails

How perfect are these Ouija board-inspired nails for Halloween? They may not help you connect to any ghosts, not that we want to, 2020 has been bad enough, thanks, but will definitely get you in the spirit of Halloween. Use a beige and cream colour for the base, then use black polish to draw on the symbols you usually find on the board.

5. Talons

Nothing screams vampiric or witchy like sharp nails during the spooky season. But if filing down your nails to sharp points isn’t your thing, then this design is the perfect fake-out. Use a nude colour as your base, then with a black polish, draw on a dark triangular design on top. Voilá, the perfect faux talons that will make everyone look at your nails more than just once.

6. Beetlejuice patterns

During October, many love to rewatch and express their love of spooky-themed movies. One of the most iconic from the lot is the movie Beetlejuice. Channel your creativity and Tim Burton’s aesthetic by incorporating themes, colours and patterns from the film. Plus, don’t forget the instantly recognizable black and white stripes from the Beetlejuice suit.

7. Skeleton Hands

How fun are these carefully detailed, creepy skeleton design on the nails? Creepy yet polished, it’s one you should definitely try out to doll up your nails.

8. Ghosty ghouls

Check out these spooky yet cute, ghost nail design. Use the negative spacing to create the ghosts and add in some details for their eyes and their mouths. Another design you can easily emulate at home with some white nail polish.

9. Icky slime

I think Halloween is the perfect occasion to bust out odd colours you would never use on the daily. Pull out that glittery slime green polish as your base and create some fun designs on top. I love the trick-or-treat motif and candy corn details nail artist Marilynn has gone for.

10. Moon phase

This beautiful design by Alicia Torello works great for Halloween or any other day of the year. Paint your nails with the phases of the moon—sort of like counting down your days—until you next transform into a werewolf. The shading on the changing phases of the moon is done so well along with the matte black base that helps it stand out, effortlessly.

11. The classics

Hey, you can’t go wrong with some regular Halloween classics. So whether its pumpkins, spiders, bats or other creepy creatures and objects, don’t shy away from going nuts! You can have them all on your nails. Create a different design on each finger or create a consistent detailed pattern with a couple of thin nail brushes.

Which of these nail art designs are you most excited to try out this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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