5 Ways To Wear Flannel For The Upcoming Winter Season

5 Ways To Wear Flannel For The Upcoming Winter Season

Rishika Devnani

Once we hit November, the holiday season officially begins. Be it Diwali, Thanksgiving or Christmas, festivals and better weather await us. As a result, we are automatically inclined to the mood of hot chocolate, caramel popcorn, fairy lights and a night-in with the girls over some gossip and wine. And of course, to do all the above in cosy and warm attire. While fluffy pyjamas and robes are the usual picks, nothing says Fall-Winter like flannel. Slightly rustic, soft, extremely comfortable and easy to throw on, flannel is perfectly balanced between cute and casual.

A lesser-known fact, flannel is a fabric that is made from worsted yarn or carded wool. This has now evolved to modern-day flannels comprised of cotton, wool or synthetic fibres. To avoid any confusion, it is not the same as plaid—plaid is a pattern whereas flannel is a fabric with the checkered print. Tracing back the origin, flannel was commonly worn by farmers to protect themselves from elements like climatic conditions and poisonous insects. However, this then became a popular choice of garment for the working class. Moreover, in the fashion world, flannel has evolved to become a staple for the grunge and hipster culture. The material and print are used to express a laid-back, don’t-care vibe which is fitting with their beliefs.

Nevertheless, we love flannel as it is an effortlessly stylish and an appropriate choice to keep in your wardrobe for the winters. It will keep you warm, it is easy to wear and there are numerable ways to style it. And not to forget, they come in a variety of colours and prints.

To get you started, here are some cute flannel outfits we love and ways you can wear them:

1) With Bike Shorts

We aren’t bored with the bicycle shorts and crop-top trend just as yet. And if you wish to wear this look for the upcoming season, simply layer over a flannel shacket (shirt and jacket combination) to keep you chic and warm. Black biker shorts are popular picks for oversized shirts. The pattern and texture flannel brings makes it perfectly compatible with these shorts! Go for an edgy look by pairing this outfit with combat boots.

2) As Statement Pants

Experimenting with different styles and colours of pants is never easy. It takes trial and error to nail the right look. However, with flannel being so easy to match with, it makes for a great print for your trousers. Checks tend to come in a variety of colours, which will give you the freedom to pair any kind of tops with your pants. But, keep it simple by going for a solid colour instead of teaming different patterns together. Complete the look with some funky sneakers or statement-making heels to ace that Fall look.

3) Knotted Shirt

Upgrade your casual flannel shirt into a more chic style with a simple knot. A front-knot instantly adds more structure to your shirt, making it smarter to step out in if you aren’t one for the loose fit. Moreover, you can roll up the sleeves or cut out the length depending on the look you are going for. The front-knot plaid shirt look is a popular street-style expression and is also reminiscent of the ’90s. For a grunge vibe, accessorise with a baseball cap and baggy jeans along with some kicks. Alternatively, a fitted, high-waisted pair of denim and knotted flannel over a crop-top along with heels will have you looking smart and sexy!

4) As A Skirt

Nothing makes you feel like a school-girl like a checkered red skirt does. It is super-cute, casual and a young vibe to go for when you have outworn your denim mini-skirt. When choosing a skirt, make sure you opt for a fit that is flattering to your body shape. Pleated, flared or fitted, flannel looks adorable in either style. Match it with a cosy jumper to radiate some festive vibes or even go for a classic white crop-top or t-shirt pairing. Again, with flannel, it is easy to match almost everything! This makes dressing for the occasion you have in mind much easier.

5) As A Dress

Sweater dresses are synonymous with the Fall-Winter season, and likewise, a flannel dress makes the cut for us. Cooler seasons often mean we wrap ourselves from head-to-toe and prefer wearing jeans to keep our legs warm. However, the warmth of the flannel material means we can afford to show some leg without freezing to death. Easy to wear and on-trend with the season’s staple. Additionally, you can skip the leggings and pair the dress with some over-the-knee boots for a sexy look!

What is your favourite way to wear flannel? Let us know in the comments below!

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