Aamir Khan's Daughter Ira Khan Opens Up About Being Sexually Abused & Her Depression

Pallavi Manoj , 03 Nov 2020
Ira Khan (Source: Instagram | @khan.ira)
Ira Khan (Source: Instagram | @khan.ira)

Mental health discourse in our country has been limited to those who learn and aware of psychology and the handful of millennials and Gen Z who are woke enough to understand such things through social media. While the discussion on mental health has improved over the past few years, people still don’t see it as a matter good enough to be treated like any other disease.

In such a case, when a person who has a voice and influence speaks out about their experience with mental health people tend to listen. Recently, Aamir Khan‘s daughter talked about Ira Khan posted a video on her Instagram talking about depression. She talked about how the first question everyone asks is why one is depressed. She opened up about her battle with depression and she didn’t know why she was depressed but nevertheless listed out things that could have lead to it. While doing so, she revealed that she was sexually abused by a person who she kind of knew when she was 14. She revealed that it took her a year to understand that the perpetrator knew what he was doing. But after that, she immediately wrote to her parents and got out of that situation.

In the video, she also talked about her parents’ divorce and how she wasn’t really affected by it because they separated amicably.

Take a look at the video here:

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More power to you, Ira. It requires a lot of courage for you to have come out spoke about things that could have served as trigger points. All our love to you!

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