This lockdown period has undoubtedly been unique! During this time, we saw people coming out with quirky new challenges online and all of them were so creative. We are currently living in a world of viral trends and the latest meme in town is ‘how it started vs how it’s going‘. We absolutely love how everyone has a different perspective on this challenge and people are being so creative with it. Globally, multiple influencers, celebrities, athletes, meme pages and many more jumped onto this bandwagon and everyone had their own inspiring take on this trend. So here’s everything you need to know about this fun challenge that has been going around!

How does ‘how it started vs how it’s going‘ work?

This challenge has multiple different interpretations so let us break it down for you! The post looks quite simple and has a set format. Your first picture shows how something looked when it started out and the second picture shows what it looks like right now. We absolutely love this trend because most of the posts are so inspiring and it is incredible to look at how far people have come. Some of our fave influencers took this challenge too and we are absolutely loving their posts!

Check them out:

1. Masoom Minawala

How cute is this interpretation of the challenge? Masoom gave this trend an adorable spin of her own and made it about her family. We absolutely love looking at such before and after pictures because they bring back such nostalgic memories. It is awesome to watch her use this challenge as a way of expressing gratitude towards her family!

2. Jasleen Royal

This post by Jasleen is the perfect example of how this trend can be so inspiring! It shows that she started her musical journey by singing in college parties and today, she is a popular singer who does live concerts. Isn’t this just super wholesome?

3. Anmol Sachar

Well, isn’t he like the king of transformation? Anmol used this trend as a medium to show how much he used to weigh before and how far he has come now. We are really inspired by his take on this viral challenge and such posts are the reason why we absolutely love following such viral trends.

4. Team MissMalini

The awesome team of MissMalini have indeed come a long way and this post is hitting us right in the feels. This trend perfectly sums up our journey and how far we have come since we started out. This is indeed heart-warming, isn’t it?

How it started vs how it’s going‘ is truly taking over the internet! Over these past few days we have come across multiple memes, inspiring posts and so much more. We love how this challenge is open to interpretation and people are getting so creative with it. Have you tried this viral trend out yet? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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