We get a handful of months in the year where we get to experiment with outerwear. If we were to single out one of the most worn and versatile layers, blazers would definitely take the win. The primary perception of blazers mostly leans towards office-wear or formal attire. However, these beauties are capable of so much more. They have made their way from being mostly a workwear staple to also a casual staple now. Especially in the chilly temperatures. The structure and cut of a blazer make it suitable for every body type there is.

The plethora of options in terms of colours, fit and sizes available out there has made wearing blazers even more simple. Wear as part of a pantsuit or separately as an overcoat, it manages to work well either way. Once you have established your love for blazers, look into how you can make the most of the different options available out there. Think checkered prints, bright colours, textured materials and so on. For some sartorial assistance, fashion influencers show us how to mix and match the style and get creative with different styles.

Here are 6 styles of blazers worn by your favourite influencers for some inspiration:

1) Monochromatic Palette

An easy trick to making your outfit look articulated is by sticking to a single colour gradient from head to toe. We love how visually pleasing Brooke Carrie Hil‘s cool blue ensemble is. A buttoned-up, light blue shirt tucked into a light-washed denim, mini-skirt and topped off with a dark blue, long blazer. The blazer is the final piece of the puzzle that doubles up as an overcoat and instantly polishes up the look. Don’t miss out on the detail of the matching blue bag as well. Cool-blue appropriate for work and some post-work fun!

2) Checkered Print

The plaid or checkered pattern is a must-have for the winter season. And when mixed with a blazer, makes for a boss-lady look! Think back to the royal family attire or a fancy boarding school uniform. How plaid is visible in small to large amounts in almost all of the outfits. However, you can have fun with your pick like Jazy Goh does by opting for a neon pantsuit. Pair with some elegant gold accessories, and you will have yourself a show-stealing look. While it might not be very office-appropriate, you’ll definitely have heads turning your way at a night out! Tres chic!

3) Vibrant Hues

There is nothing like vivid colours to brighten up your mood on a gloomy day. Good style is almost like a remedy to our woes, no? Forget all the rules and rock those bright colours like Nnenna has in her bold-coloured outfit. The combination of a psychedelic-print shirt, bright blue denim and neon yellow blazer put together is a happy treat to our eyes. The hues work well with the solid colours grounding the look. Not for the faint-hearted; the spirited colours will definitely inject some fun to your OOTD.

4) Classic Way

The classic, old-fashioned style of blazers is the pinstriped way. Various shades of grey are the common suiting style when it comes to blazers. Even though the design is standard, it can be a stylish add-on. Danielle Bernstein pairs her dark grey, pinstriped blazer with a neutral combination of fitted trousers, blouse and some killer boots, all taupe-coloured. Although simple, the overall look is versatile and fashionable thanks to the pairings and details. Additionally, If you are running late for a business meeting, grabbing your pinstriped blazer and layering it over your outfit will instantly add a formal touch it.

5) Play Of Textures

Leather—our favourite staple for the season and a trending fabric has, of course, made its way into blazers. Leather blazers are the new go-to for a playful yet sophisticated look. Tia Linekar seamlessly transitions into the season of fall with her beige, ribbed, turtleneck sweater and shorts along with a long leather blazer. Matching platform boots and a Bottega Veneta weave bag only enhance her look further. The leather blazer has a way of bringing the outfit to life and effortlessly tying up all the different elements together.

6) Neutral Styles

While bright and bold colours are on our list, there’s a place for neutrals as well, thanks to the calming effect of these hues. For the days when elegance is your priority, go for ensembles in light colours. Take some notes from Henar Vicente on simplifying the pant-suit look. In silky satin, her light beige blazer sits gracefully on her upper half. Despite the large lapels and the long length, the satin blazer matching with the high-waisted pants adds structure to her silhouette. Moreover, we love how she has incorporated white in her blouse and handbag along with some gold details to complement the neutral palette.

What is your preferred style of a blazer? Are you more for neutrals or vibrant hues? Let us know your go-style in the comments below.

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