Have you ever wondered about the process that goes behind the emergence of a new trend? Who decides that a certain colour or a style is suddenly “in” for the season? Well, you can credit the talented designers of luxury labels that do so. There is a certain reason that brands such as Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton etc. are considered the holy grail of luxury with a heavy price tag attached to them. These designer brands preview their upcoming collections months prior to global fashion weeks.

Observing the recurring colours and styles is then used to establish what is going to be ‘in’, ‘hot’ and trending. Consequently, hundreds of high-street shops and our favourite web stores then translate these into their designs and so, a worldwide fad is created. Now that the winter season is here, the fall/winter trends are here, too. Wondering which ones? Ahead we list out 5 trends you need to keep an eye out for!

1) Fringes

You can thank Bottega Veneta for the excess fringe you see this season. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the label has a found a way of making the bohemian fringe a popular choice. Majorly influencing street-style, we see these playful accents on everything, from jackets, dresses, tops to bags! With its whimsical and folly aura, it has quickly become a key fall/winter trend.

2) Rubber Boots

Well, if only this trend were a thing during the monsoon season, we could have embraced it without any fear. Nevertheless, this irregular trend has made its way on the runways and will ensure our feet remain warm and dry. It is absolutely normal this season to step out in rubber wellies that are part of the trend list. Make them look fashionable by pairing them with a sweater dress, blazer or some over-sized outerwear.

3) Sweater Vest

One look at Instagram and you can see that fashion influencers have already rocked the sweater vest look. It is a great layering option for the climatic conditions we are in as it keeps you toasty when it’s not cold enough for a full-fledged coat. Moreover, they are plenty of stylish ways to wear grandpa-inspired knit vests. Whether it is the final touch to your one-colour outfit, a colourful add-on to your basic outfit or worn on its own with some stylish bottoms. Are you ready to rock the nerdy knit this season?

4) Black Bows

Smaller in scale compared to the other trends, Gucci added a sweet touch to their runway look with this little detail. A delicate black bow on a top, sweater, cardigan or even on dresses instantly elevates your outfit. It adds a fancy touch to a look which is a great rescue for when you are in an outfit dilemma. However, the best part of the bow is that you don’t have to shell out thousands to buy an original Gucci one. It is very easy to incorporate the detail into any outfit of your choice by yourself. Simply purchase a spool of black ribbon and get crafty by pinning them onto your chosen garment!

5) Distressed Denim

It is extremely rare to see a luxury brand showcase denim on the runway, but this season Gucci did it, and they did it with the distressed style. While many jokes have been made on ripped jeans and their unsightly appearance, you can’t deny how comfortable and easy they are to wear. Creating the ideal casual-chic appearance, they are great to pair with your favourite sweaters for the fall/winter season. A slouchy silhouette, similar to the one Gucci debuted is a must-have this season!

What is your favourite trend from the above? Let us know in the comments below.

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