We have come across various challenges and trends that have spread like wildfire on social media. These viral trends are quite quirky and have definitely entertained us during these uncertain times. ‘This claim is disputed’ is the latest trend with multiple memes and jokes that are currently viral all over the internet. We are loving how people are sharing their own version of this viral trend. These posts are super quirky and creative and everyone had their own funny take on it. So here’s everything you need to know about this latest Twitter trend that has been going around!

How does ‘The claim is disputed‘ work?

The Twitter timeline in the last few days has been full of tweets with the statement ‘This claim is disputed‘. This update of Twitter escalated into a viral sensation very quickly. Now we can see multiple statements being accompanied by this text in a set format. This Twitter update is basically a new way to flag out tweets that are untrue claims. We absolutely love this trend because there are so many untrue claims that we come across in our daily lives. With this funny new trend, we can share those in public and give everyone a reality check with humour. Obviously, creators and multiple brands jumped onto this bandwagon so, here are some of the posts that cracked us up!

Check them out:

1. Anmol Sachar

Well isn’t Anmol known for his entertaining talent? He used this viral trend in an extremely comical way by using statements and claims that one normally hears in their daily life. His take on the ‘This claim is disputed‘ trend is so creative and relatable. Anmol definitely is an inspiration when it comes to trying new challenges and trends. Such hilarious posts are the reason why we love viral trends so much!

2. YuvaaWeAreYuvaa

Yuvaa is a platform that listens to and shares stories that bring young Indians together. The post on this platform is hitting us right in the feels. The various claims that they have shared in these posts are so true and all of us are guilty of using these statements, aren’t we?

3. Excel Movies

This post by Excel movies has taken a very filmy route and all of us are guilty as charged of doing everything they have stated, lol. We all do end up making some random plans while watching movies, I guess it’s time to start thinking about that forever postponed Goa plan! 😛

4. Mumbai PoliceWeirdasscomedy

Mumbai Police really made a very important statement in the smartest way ever. We are loving how this trend is also spreading awareness about things that people should refrain from doing. Yes, drinking and driving is hazardous, whereas many people don’t follow this rule, and this leads to a lot of mishappenings and accidents. We love how the Mumbai Police hoped onto this trend to spread awareness in a witty way.

‘This claim is disputed’ is truly taking the internet by storm and Twitter is literally going gaga! Over these past few days, we have come across a huge number of tweets and multiple memes on the same. At the moment, we love how this challenge has made the Internet a funny place to be on. Tell us what you think about this new trend in the comments below!

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