Growing up can be hard especially if you’re left to your own devices. When we’re kids we think, wow being adult sure looks like fun because of all the freedom. Rarely are we witness to the pain and responsibilities that tag along with growth. It’s nearly impossible to understand why life is the way it is, hence, one of the many unsolvable mysteries of the universe. We’re faced with impossible challenges with the passing of time and no one to look to for all the answers. While there aren’t many answers out there, we have come up with a list of brutal and unavoidable truths of life that spark an awakening within. Scroll on to read all about it.

Here’s a list of 7 brutal truths about growing up:

1) No one has the correct answer and that is one of the most brutal truths to exist.

No one has the same experiences in life. And yes, one can narrate of their experiences, learnings and hardships but someone else’s reality may differ entirely. We have many questions along the way and rarely have any of the answers. Frankly, you’re going to spend a lot of time trying to figure things out. It sounds scary but it’s simply all about the journey of self-discovery. Life is only as simple or complex as one makes it and only you have the power to uncomplicate your experiences.

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2) It is hard to be kind than clever.

It’s easy to respond with wit, hate and defensive tact. But it is harder to zoom out of the subjective human experience and isolate matters. Don’t take things personally because most often it isn’t even about it. It has more to do with the person creating an unpleasant experience. Sometimes they just require someone to react differently to their behaviour. Be kind because you never know who you’re helping out.

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3) Time is precious, is one of the many truths that you only realise much later.

When we grow up, time is in limited supply. We get wrapped up in our responsibilities, the rat race that we’re running and much more. It is important to get a clear understanding of one’s priorities and then make time for the things and people that truly matter. One of the hardest truths is that you’re never going to find the time, you just have to make the time. So stop making excuses, do the work.

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4) People will be curious about what you do just for curiosity sakes.

Ugh, people, I am not a people person. Rarely am I even interested in knowing about their lives. But people will surely be curious about what you’re up to. They want to get all up in your business and know where you work, what you do. Why you aren’t married or conforming to traditional social norms. This is all fodder for gossip and nothing more. They look like they care but they really do not. So worrying about their opinion of you is and will remain the most fruitless exercise. Follow your heart and it will lead you through your journey, but also let your mind support you. These are just obvious truths to be fair, find your tribe and stick with them. Everyone else is just background noise.

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5) You will face rejections but that doesn’t mean you are not good enough.

Being rejected can be a hard emotion to experience. When I was younger it made me feel unworthy and not good enough and maybe I wasn’t. But as I grew older, I began to realise that we all have a place in this life. It just takes time to find it and run with it. It is also indicative of that fact that you will never be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s alright. Because the one’s that need you will know and be sure of your value and what you bring to the table. Take these rejections with a pinch of salt and persevere.

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6) Life is not a linear line but a mixed bag of dots that only connect when you look back.

Remember that saying? Man proposes and God disposes? If life were a straight line we’d have nothing much to learn and a lot less to be grateful for. But, because we experience hardships and pain we learn of our inner strength. IT shapes us into the beings we are. You might not be able to see where you are headed but you will be able to look back at your life and join all the dots. Of course, you will be confused and conflicted and spend your energy doubting your capacity but when you come out the outside you’ll know it’s worth it.

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7) Everything will change and the landscape of your life will look different in 6 months.

You have to learn to relinquish control and peace out. If you want your life to like anything like it is supposed to then stop trying to control the outcome of everything. Make small term goals, they’re easier to achieve. Put all your focus and energy into that goal and watch it unfurl. The earlier you master the art of letting go, the easier this will get. Some truths of life just don’t escape any of us, don’t they?

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Take your time, our journey won’t be the same and you may experience these truths at very different times in your lives. Hope you learnt a thing or two from this article.

What are some other brutal truths about growing up? Let me know in the comments below.

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