What To Do When You Experience Burn Out

What To Do When You Experience Burn Out

Nelly Wadia

With the kind of time and day we live in, it’s no surprise that most of us are dealing with burn out. It is a symptom of our rigorous lifestyle and occurs because we try to juggle too many things at once. We feel physically and mentally exhausted and constantly lack the energy to fulfil a never-ending list of demands. We feel tired and listless and disconnected from friends and family. You could also end up with a fever or have trouble sleeping. You’re less productive and the quality of your work and life starts to suffer.

How to spot symptoms of burn out?

These may vary from person to person but are likely to feel some of these if not all of them.

  • Mental exhaustion.
  • You procrastinate on the smallest tasks.
  • You cannot absorb any new information.
  • Your performance and productivity suffer.
  • You become forgetful.
  • You’re likely to neglect your needs.
  • Easily fatigued by the smallest of tasks.
  • You become disinterested in doing things that once made you happy.
  • Your creativity takes a hit.
  • Feelings of depression and emptiness creep in.
  • Waking up becomes hard.
  • Stringing cohesive sentences together becomes a problem.
Struggling with burn out. By fizkesPL | www.shutterstock.com
Struggling with burn out. By fizkesPL | www.shutterstock.com

What to do to fix burn out?

1) Take a shower.

If you’re looking for a quick pick me up, a nice cold shower can calm the nerves and wake you right up. Pour a little essential oil on a sponge and set by your feet under the shower. The essential oil scent will be sure to steady your overwhelm. End your shower with a hit of warm water, works like a charm every time.

2) Exercise.

Exercising builds focus and releases happy endorphins that can help with stress. Also, a nice sweaty session can help you feel productive.

3) Take a nap.

I battle migraines and burn out often. If I need to snap back to my most productive self I need to sleep. I feel most burnt out when I haven’t had enough shut-eye. Napping will instantly improve your mood and productivity.

4) Run an errand.

Burn out also occurs because we are largely overwhelmed by the amount one needs to accomplish. Make a checklist and aim to just tick one errand off from that list. This might ease your mind and give your body the movement it needs as well.

5) Eat something tasty but healthy.

When we are sad we often turn to food for comfort. Grab a fruit or make yourself a healthy smoothie or yoghurt bowl. You know one of those aesthetic bowls? The colours itself from the bowl should help you combat your burn out.

6) Unwind with a book, music or your favourite TV show.

This one is an obvious one. You may not have the focus to read many chapters at a time, so you could just read one and then move onto the next if the book grabs your attention. Listen to your favourite music; dance it out Christina Yang and Meredith Grey style. If you didn’t get this reference are you even allowed to exist? With all these OTT platforms to your disposal do I need to even tell you that binge-watching a show can be the cure to many of life’s problems?

7) Get some fresh air.

Your brain needs about 20% of your body’s oxygen to function at full capacity. And fresh air is going to bring more oxygen to your body. A walk will make space for new and fresh thoughts as it will clear out any mental clutter.

8) Phone a friend or hang out with them.

Sometimes a good rant to your friends or loved one can really help beat those feelings of burn out. Sometimes it’s all about the release. Even a good cry helps me release all my pent up energy.

9) Get a spa treatment.

If this doesn’t set your burn out in order, I don’t know what will. Honestly, these are all temporary fixes but they work wonders. The body tenses up from all the stress, get a soothing massage to eliminate your worries.

10) Indulge in retail therapy.

Now I’m not saying you should spend your money and be wasteful. Spend wisely or buy yourself something that has been on your wish list for a really long time now. Maybe giving into a gratifying experience that brings you joy should also be a priority.

Overworked burnout business man. By Milles Studio | www.shutterstock.com
Overworked burnout business man. By Milles Studio | www.shutterstock.com

How to avoid burn out in the future?

Avoiding burn out has a lot to do with our lifestyle choices. We need to not overwork our mind and bodies.

1) Get enough sleep and rest.

The first step to recuperation is getting enough rest and sleep. It will improve your cognitive functioning and enhance your mood. If you feel like you need a power nap to power through your day, do it. It will keep burn out at bay.

2)Try to plan and manage your time effectively.

Having a schedule in place is crucial to preventing burn out. Pace yourself, make checklists and do one thing at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with all the things you have to accomplish or the length of your list.

3) Work towards creating a stable and calm environment.

Set up the place that you spend most of your time working. Decorate it with things that will inspire and motivate you. Or find a few different spaces that make you feel calm and stable and allow you to get through your work day.

4) Maintain a balanced social life.

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, all humans need social interactions to thrive. So don’t ignore your other needs in life. You’re not going to climb up the ladder any faster by not being social.

5) Take frequent breaks.

Any human is bound to tire from working long hours. Taking a break will allow you time to process what you were working on and help you re-focus your energy.

6) Eat well.

Proper nutrition will give you the strength to push through. Avoid skipping meals because you’ll end up feeling terrible later. If your food isn’t providing you with all the nutrition you need you can opt for vitamins and supplements that your doctor recommends for you.

7) Set realistic goals.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Set realistic goals based on how fast you can work and how much time each task takes to complete.

8) Start your day right.

It’s so important to have a good start to your day because it can significantly effect how the rest of your day will move along. Just have a simple routine in place and try to follow it no matter what. Also, allow yourself a lazy day or two.

9) Write a list of positive affirmations.

It’s hard to be positive and think happy shiny thoughts all the time. Acknowledge your negative chatter but follow that up with logically reasoning. There is no need to be forcefully self-deprecating. Start small, focus on your accomplishments, celebrate them and accept them. Then move on to how you want to be. Make a list of 5 affirmations to say out loud to yourself in the mirror. This may or may not work for you but don’t knock it before you try it.

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What do you do when you experience burn out? Let me know in the comments below.

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