Black eyeshadows may be the most under-used product in your makeup stash ATM with more natural makeup having a resurgence in popularity. But there was a time in our lives when we all learned to do our eye makeup by conquering the smokey look. You cannot call yourself a makeup junkie if you haven’t attempted a black eye look at least once. Raise your hand if you looked like a racoon on your first try! It may seem like an acquired taste but personally, I feel we’ve all forgotten how versatile this one shadow is with a little practice. From more defined looks, sultry spins and even softer styles, black is one of the most timeless shades that works no matter what is your personal aesthetic.

Moreover, black eye looks have come a long way and have become more refined than ever over the past years. Not every look has to be overwhelming or intense. In fact, when done well with restraint, it can look super elegant and chic. Plus it works well on everyone, no matter your skin tone, eye colour or shape. Really what can’t you do with it? So, perfectly in tune for the fall/winter season, we’ve rounded up some alluring chic looks that will inspire you to pull out that black shadow and get cracking.

Keep reading to check out some gorgeous black eyeshadow looks you should recreate ASAP:

1. Black Swan

This look reminds me of Natalie Portman’s character in Black Swan. You know, when she transforms from the white swan to the black swan at the end? Dramatic yet wearable it’s perfect for someone looking for a bolder look. It works to be similar to a halo eye with a sweep of shadow in the inner and out corners leaving the middle bare. Remember slowly building and blending is key here. So take your time to perfect the intensity and soft gradient. Accentuate the bottom lash with a white liner first then black under it. This effect will make you look more wide-eyed and bright to counteract the black. Top of your look with your favourite red lipstick for an all-rounded stunning look!

2. Precision Flick

If you didn’t already know you can always use your eyeshadow as a liner and even your kohl pencil as a shadow. This seems to be Patrick Ta’s signature or go to look with nude lips that looks great on everyone. Plus it’s super easy to replicate. For this matte look, precision is key so you’ll need a thin eyeshadow brush or even an angled liner brush. Be patient and go all the way around your eye including the inner tear ducts and lower lash line. Flick your eyeshadow upwards at the outer corners to create a subtle cat-eye. Next, use a black eye pencil in your waterline and tight line. To create maximum impact, finish off the look by applying some tapered accent lashes after applying your mascara.

3. The ’60s Inspired

We love a great classic retro look that works in this era as well! This subtle smokey eye with double wings brings in just the right amount of drama to the lids. First, apply a charcoal shade above and into your crease. Then a wash of a lighter colour on the lids and blend well to soften it but keep the definition intact, Next up, draw your winged eyeliner as usual before using an eyeshadow brush for your lower lash line. The key here is to extend the bottom shadow line that moves parallel to the top line. Sweep it in a slightly downward motion as you extend it though. You want to avoid both lines from meeting together as one.

4. Metallic Pops

This look works perfectly for fall and winter with the icy pops of metallics added to a smokey eye. Here you need to focus the black eyeshadow towards the outer edges of your lid and bottom lash line to create the shape/angle your happy with. Next, very subtly add a light wash in the inner crease under your brow for some definition and blend well. We don’t want any harsh lines! Then all your need is an icy blue and gold to pop on your lids inner corner and bottom lash line. Remember to alternate the gold and blue at the top and bottom, it’s what makes the eyes so mesmerising.

5. The Classic All-Over Smokey

The best part of going for a smudged smokey eye is that you don’t have to worry about messing up. Plus you can’t really go wrong with a classic. For this, simply apply black eyeshadow all over your lids connecting to the lower lash line. Complete it with a dab of shimmer in your inner corners so your eyes don’t look too closed off. In the end, use an earbud in dipped in micellar water to clean up any rough edges. One piece of advice I would give is that when working with dark shadows always try to do your eye makeup before your concealer and foundation. This way you can fix any mistakes and clean up without ruining your base.

6. Diffused Grey

Sometimes you want a smokey eye that effective but more on the subtle yet sophisticated side. This classic charcoal eye is a perfect and universally flattering option that won’t overwhelm you. Moreover, it is really easy to recreate. All you need a is good charcoal grey shade. Apply a light wash of grey over the lids and lower lash line then go in with your black eyeliner and mascara. If you want to soften the edges your liner just lightly go over it with a small eyeshadow brush with leftover shadow.

Which one of these looks are you most excited to try out first? Let us know in the comments below.

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