If you want to transform your inconsistent fitness routine into a perfect one then you are at the right place. We really feel that fitness and wellness should be a part of everyone’s daily lives. Don’t we all aim to stay healthy and happy? However, we all know that being consistent with workouts is far from easy, so, here’s a solution to our laziness and procrastination. These creator posts will act as the perfect motivator and will encourage you to get out of bed and start exercising. So, are you ready to begin?

Here they are:

1. Gaurav Taneja

One of the popular content creators, Gaurav Taneja is well-known for his YouTube channel, Flying Beast! He is a fitness freak and we love how he never skips his workout sessions. His caption says it all and motivates us to make time every day rather than crib about not getting any. This is exactly the kind of motivation we need.

2. Sejal Kumar

The diva, Sejal Kumar is yet another workout lover whose fitness content will push you to put on your shoes and get to it! This post especially got my motivation meter quite high and since I am her big fan I tried this specific workout session that she does and felt fresh and energetic.

3. Ranveer Allahbadia

Also known as BeerBiceps, he is a fitness enthusiast. As the caption says, ‘beast mode’, this running post of Ranveer transferred his positive energy to us. Therefore, motivating us to get up and get going. His caption tells us his 5 simple lifestyle changes that made him fitter and now we are going to follow these.

4. Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli’s bubbly nature is just so positive. This video of Prajakta doing crunches is something so natural that we can relate to. Bringing a comical twist to her core work out really motivates us to have fun while exercising.

5. Siddharth Nigam

The stunt expert Siddharth is very sincere when it comes to working out. This video of his core and abs work out is insane. After looking at him here, we really feel motivated to work out sincerely.

6. Vaishnavi Boora

This picture of  Vaishnavi doing strength training to enhance her muscle mass is super motivating. We love how informative and insightful her caption is.

7. Diya Kapoor

Through this video, Diya is straight-up motivating us to stretch and become more flexible! She is a mind-blowing yoga teacher and her video is very simple to follow. The wheel pose in this video will immediately regenerate us!

8. Arsh Fam

Arsh is a member of the popular creator group #DamnFam. Arsh’s workout skills are too good, Tbh, we can’t get enough of his day22 workout video! He is really working out on his muscles and we are inspired to try out this exercise at the gym.

Each creator on the list motivates us to change our lifestyle into a healthy one. Their passion for fitness and keeping themselves healthy is absolutely incredible and we love to see and follow their fitness journey on their social media platforms. They push us to stay fit and fab! Tell us in the comments below, who has motivated you to start working out?

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