One of the major reasons behind loving social media is the kind of trends that go viral every other day. For the last few weeks, the one song that’s playing in everyone’s mind is the Kalank title track. Are you even human, if you haven’t heard the ‘Main Tera‘ part at the end of the song? Ever since that movie released, Arijit Singh hit us right in the feels with this soulful track. However, in the past weeks, ‘Main Tera‘ has resurfaced and everyone is making innovative Reels with it. From food, travel, couple videos to celebrity compilations, all phenomenally edited with this track in the background is giving us major feels. However, many creators also created some hilariously creative Reels with it and it had us in splits. If you are looking to have a good laugh, you gotta check them out.

Get ready to ROFL!

1. Prajakta Koli a.k.a @mostlysane

I mean, we gotta agree with her right? This is all we can see on our Reels tab since the last few weeks. Prajakta Koli singing Main Tera like this is just the funniest thing ever. Raise your hand if you are single AF and are tired of watching couples get mushy with this track in the background!

2. Kusha Kapila

If you are putting a Bollywood track in your Reels, the video has to be filmy right? This is exactly how dramatic we feel when we put on a gorgeous saree. Not just that, Main Tera fits perfectly with the Reel and it’s giving us major feels.

3. Dolly Singh

We all know that people usually use this song to show love and appreciation for that ‘special someone’. However, Dolly just gave this trend a hilarious twist. For her, food is the most important and Main Tera is entirely dedicated to her love for food. Girl, we relate to this on a different level altogether, lol!

4. Ankush Bahuguna

Mai Kiska bro? This Reel literally got us cackling because it’s so funny yet so spot on! With SO many people posting random videos on the track, people are bound to get just a liiiiitle iffy and Ankush couldn’t have expressed it in a better way. As much as we love watching adorable Main Tera edits, we just can’t stop laughing over how accurate this is!

5. Anmol Sachar

Have you ever been so single that anxiety is the only thing that’s Tera? We are absolutely certain that thousands of millennials and Gen-Z kids would relate to this Reel. Anmol is always one of the first few people to try out a new viral trend and he always aces them with his funny and creative take on it.

6. Nagma Mirajkar

It’s a given fact that we cannot get over Rohit Saraf from the Netflix original Mismatched. However, it looks like we are not alone! Nagma shared this cute yet 1000% accurate Reel featuring Rohit Saraf’s picture and Main Tera playing in the background. The internet is crushing on him and we can totally relate to Nagma on this one.

Since the last few weeks, we have heard this famous Bollywood track over and over again in various videos. It is stuck in our head and we aren’t complaining! We absolutely love when creators try new viral trends out and give it their own authentic twist. Which Main Tera Reel was your favourite? Tell us in comments below!

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