The news of Aamir Khan working on the official Hindi remake of Tom HanksForrest Gump, titled Laal Singh Chadha, in itself had all of us super intrigued and excited! Especially fans of South-Indian actor, Vijay Sethupathi, who was set to star alongside Aamir in the film. But news is that unfortunately, he had to opt out of the film owing to date concerns.

It was said that the duo are set to start shoot for the film in October post the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19. The pandemic has wrecked havoc in the shoot schedules of many actors and actresses who have had to leave projects owing to date clashes as many movie shoots have been rescheduled and moved about. So Vijay had to honour the dates of his films which he was already a part of, and sadly had to let go of Laal Singh Chadha.

A trade source informs:

Last year, when director Advait Chandan, Aamir and Vijay spoke to discuss the role, the trio were extremely excited about working together. Aamir is known to be tight-lipped about all his movies, and nobody except people close to the project, knew about Vijay’s role.

The source adds that during the lockdown, director Advait Chandan, Aamir and Vijay would keep discussing Vijay’s look, which they all loved. Everybody was charged about getting back on set and for the film to roll, but owing to this issue, the trio discussed it among themselves and came to a decision to part ways amicably.

This sure is unfortunate as we were also super excited to see these two talented actors share screen space, but guess there’s always a next project and I can’t wait for them to collaborate soon.