Baby, it’s cold outside! Winter is finally here which means it’s time to enjoy the few, much-awaited months of the cold breeze and winter fashion! If you live in the northern part of the state, you will experience the dropping temperatures with more intensity. This means it would take more than a layer of a single jacket to keep you warm. While we love the cold months, there is no denying that it can be tricky to be fashionable while layering up. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as throwing on your favourite knits or outerwear. There are several techniques and tips to help you layer up to keep you warm and look great at the same time.

Let’s face it, one of our biggest fears in winter is looking like a giant marshmallow buried in bundles of jackets and scarves. Hence, it is essential to tastefully build up a soft and breathable base of staples which you can layer up in. The technique of layering is the process of composing an outfit using multiple garments to keep you warm during the cold. Each clothing item keeps you warm while contributing to the entire look. The method usually starts from a base layer and ends with an outer layer. However, the number of layers and kind of layers will vary depending on the temperature and how many are needed to stay toasty. It may sound easy, but there are some basic rules to keep in mind.

5 simple techniques to help you layer your outfits stylishly in winter:

1) A collection of base layers

Always remember, inner-wear is as important as outer-wear. Both play vital roles in keeping you warm. While outer-wear has the added aesthetic value, inner-wear is purely functional. Invest in high-quality thermoregulating basics such as camis, slips, leggings, tights and tops as they are the foundation to your layering process. These foundation pieces should help in retaining the warmth of your body whilst also making the layering process more flexible. Moreover, a great tip when shopping for these staples is to make sure they are light in weight.

2) Start from light to heavy

Since outer-wear is generally heavy, try and keep your inner-wear as light, comfortable and breathable as possible. The golden rule to remember is to layer from light-to-heavy and thick-to-thin. As a result, the layers which are light and airy are nearest to your skin and the heavy ones are on the exterior to protect you from the cold breeze. An added advantage of doing so is that you can remove the heavier layers as needed if it gets too warm.

3) Layer with different lengths

If the hobo look or Billie Eilish style is not what you are intentionally going for, then pay close attention to lengths! Excess layers can end up looking bulky and disoriented if all of them are of similar thickness and length. Make sure your silhouette is not lost as it plays a key role in defining your style. To do so, opt for varying lengths and arrange them accordingly. As a result, your overall look will be more defined and the layers won’t weigh you down. For instance, a sequence to consider is starting with a short-length top paired with high-waisted bottoms, followed by a lighter layer of cardigan that reaches below the hips, topped with a longer coat. This will help you create a more flattering look.

4) Turtlenecks are key

If you feel cold very easily, a way to stay extra warm is to invest in a turtleneck. A turtleneck is one of the most useful pieces to layer with. Usually fitted on the body, they form an ideal base layer to keep you warm. An added value is how chic they look, even when worn by themselves. While turtlenecks are modest and cover your neck and arms, they also create a refined silhouette. You can also look into turtleneck dresses for a longer layer of warmth to wear underneath some stylish coats, scarves and accessories. Turtleneck tops also look great underneath maxi dresses along with some knee-high boots if you want to go for a more put-together winter look.

5) Layer leggings under bottoms

Looking trendy should not come at the cost of you freezing to death! Skirts and ripped jeans are always in fashion and you want to make the most of them by styling them during the winter months as well. Simply wear your leggings under your skirts to add an extra layer of fabric. Moreover, short skirts paired with leggings or tights make for a cute, festive look! The bonus of course is that you remain comfortable, warm and look effortlessly chic! Your favourite outfits thereby instantly become seasonally appropriate.

What is your trick when it comes to layering during winter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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