It’s always fun to get attention from a stranger. You may like it because it could lead to something more, it could help brush up your flirting skills or because they hit on you so badly that it’s hilarious. We’re focusing on the latter in this article. For centuries women have been victim to some very weird pick-up lines, that quite frankly defy all logic, sense and basic decency (just ask a girl to show you her DM’s if you don’t believe me).

So we asked Malini’s Girl Tribe for the weirdest pick-up lines that have been used on them and got some hilarious (and creepy) responses.

Here Are 11 Weird Pick-Up Lines Women Have Heard:

1. “Since the cases are going down, you wanna go up on me?”

I’m slightly confused as to what “up” he is referring to, but he deserves credit for his confidence and optimism, especially with respect to our COVID-19 situation.

2. “Do you want to make Frandship with me?”

Aah, the classic staple in our country is this pick-up line. Why ask for friendship when you can ask for Frandship? I’ve personally always wanted to know the difference between the two, does frandship come with add-ons like a free Netflix membership or something?

3. “I want to change your last name to mine.”

While I like my wedding appetizers to be corny and cheesy, I don’t want pick-up lines to be. Also, we are living in a feminist world and it’s all kinds of wrong to assume that women should change their name after marriage. This bloke is clearly not woke.

4. “Your body is made up of 70% water and I’m thirsty”

Oh, he’s thirsty for sure. I don’t know what to make of this one. Whether it’s weird, novel or plain creepy, I cannot tell. Either way, it deserved to be on this list.

5. “Hey girl are you a thali, because I want to bang you in my balcony tonight.”

The only way someone would agree to this would be if he yelled: “Go Corona Go” while doing it.

6. “Let’s get married.”

Straight, direct and to the point, I like it. He doesn’t want to waste time getting to know you (like, at all). He’s made his intentions clear, and for men, that’s rare. This is a great conversation and also life starter.

7. “I would never play hide-and-seek with you because someone like you is hard to find”

This one is adorable. It’s not creepy, just cute. Great ego boost too!

8. “According to Quantum Physics, if you come to my place for dinner this evening, anything can happen”

Talk about The Big Bang Theory, right? He’s roped in parallel realities and that’s pretty cool. And anything can mean well, anything! Including you walking out before dinner or post breakfast!

9. “Did you just fart? Because you blew me away.”

No. Just no. This one is a very weird pick-up line. It’s more insulting than it is flattering. It will instantly repulse the person it’s used on.

10. “Are u an N95 mask? Because I want you on my face.”

This pick-up line gets 12/10 for creativity. It’s a real conundrum though, as it promotes wearing a mask but also… not? I’m not saying this line would work on me, but I’m also not saying it wouldn’t.

11. “If Corona doesn’t take you out, can I?”

Morbid, but innovative. And illogical as going “out” isn’t an option anymore. He used COVID-19 in his pick-up line but forgot to actually factor it in, who does that?

While weird pick-up lines do put a smile on our face and could potentially lead to something fun, they can also get really creepy really fast. So think thrice and be very careful before responding to them.

What are some of the weirdest pick-up lines you have heard? Let us know in the comments below!

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