If you live away from your family, you know the holiday season is the most exciting! You get to travel back home, spend time with the fam, cook together, and just have a riot together. But this year things are not like how they’ve been always. The pandemic is still very much alive and going. And while a lot of people are cancelling their holiday travel plans, some still have to go home, and that’s totally fine. But while travelling, it is your responsibility to make sure you keep yourself and the others around you safe. If you’re a bit worried about your travel and want tips on how to ensure safe travel amid the pandemic, we’ve got some recommendations for you. Scroll down to check them out!

1. Follow Social Distancing

Don’t look for signs and boards asking you to social distance. Make it a habit. Even if nobody else is following the 6-feet distance, you should. It could be difficult to achieve in an already crowded space but make it your priority to do your best to social distance. If you think your immune system is strong enough to not get badly infected, you could still be the one putting others at risk.

2. Mask Up

This one’s a no brainer but still so, so important! Wearing a mask is the simplest yet the most effective way to stay safe and keep the ones around us safe too. Also, keep wearing the mask throughout the duration of your travel time. Taking it off midway cancels the whole purpose of wearing a mask in the first place.

3. Do A Self-Check Before The Travel

Although you might have booked that ticket months ago and it costed a fortune, if you still feel unwell or experience COVID-like symptoms before your travel, you should get a check-up done. And if there’s no time for a test, you shouldn’t go ahead with your travel. There’s a good chance you could put others at risk, including your family you’ll be visiting. Doing a self-check before the travel will only help you feel more confident and at ease.

4. Don’t Be Shy About Being Safe

Being two-minded about the hygiene around you is normal. Even though flights and trains take precautionary measures, do regular sanitisation and provide protection gear; if you still wish to carry your own wipes and hazmat suit, don’t be shy! Carry whatever makes you feel comfortable and more at ease while travelling. The times are tough and being extra cautious is better than being paranoid.

5. Avoid Physical Contact

Another no-brainer but try to avoid any kind of physical contact while travelling. Hugs and handshakes are a big no-no. Especially when meeting your family at the airport. We’d suggest you reach your home/hotel, take a shower, and then engage with the family.

6. Post-Travel Safety

Once you’ve reached your destination, check for symptoms. If you feel you’re experiencing any symptoms, quarantine yourself for 14 days at least and try to get tested. If ignored, it could be risky for you as well as the people you’ll be meeting. Especially for those that are immuno-compromised. Better be safe than sorry!

What are some other tips you swear by to ensure safe travel? Let us know in the comments below!

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