One reason why we absolutely love social media is that netizens always have their creative hats on. Time and again we have seen some epic trends that have entertained us in ways we couldn’t even imagine. In 2020, we saw a whole host of creative trends and memes. However, 2021 is off to an amazing start with the ‘#USvsIndia‘ memes going viral on the internet. This latest trend involves drawing comparisons between how people do things in the states and how we do them in India. Obviously, this trend took a hilarious turn as we Indians have our own unique way of reacting to situations, don’t we? 😛 We have been ROFLing looking at this trend! So, here are some of the best ones, which will leave your cackling with relatability.

Check them out:

1. YouTube India

This is the perfect example of how mixing two trends can make a meme even more hilarious! YouTube India really hit the right chords as Binod was a major trend in 2020 and all of us relate to this meme on a different level.

2. Cult Fit

Hahaha, only Indians can speak like this, amirite? As Indians, we have our unique style of saying things and this is exactly how we would talk to someone who’s been working out.

3. Under 25 Dictionary

Under 25 dictionary was quick to jump on this trend and they shared a series of the most relatable #USvsIndia posts. We especially love to see how Indians have a slang word for everything!

4. Anmol Sachar

We love Anmol’s content, especially ‘cuz he is always the first one to try out different viral trends and gives it his own twist. Instead of creating a tweet or an Instagram post, he created a Reel with a series of situations. It hilariously depicted how US people would react to a situation as compared to how Indians would. Trust us, it will leave you cackling!

5. Epic Bollywood Memes

We couldn’t stop laughing at his one! This post is a compilation of #USvsIndia memes with epic Bollywood responses. We absolutely cannot get over how the creators picked the most relatable lines from classic comedy movies and turned it into a meme. This exactly the kind of creativity we dig!

6.  Zomato

For us Indians, chai is of absolute importance and most of us start our day with a fresh cup kadak chai. We loved how Zomato was successful in making this meme super relatable.

7. Fake Ad Co

These memes are relatable on a different level, especially the first one! I am so sure my 16-year-old self would have gone ahead and removed my Whatsapp display just ‘cuz I fought with someone. Nostalgic to the next level, isn’t it?

8. Netizens also had a hilarious take on how desi‘s react to situations

Here are a few that made us go LOL!

Bhabhi hai tumhaari’ is a staple in India, isn’t it?

You know you are in trouble when your dad glares at you like this!

Do you listen to Spanish songs without understanding a word they say or are you normal? 😛

Raise your hand if you attend any wedding primarily ‘cuz they have a buffet!

As you can see, we are clearly obsessed with this trend and cannot get enough of the #USvsIndia memes. This viral trend is a great start to 2021 and we are already enjoying the creativity that influencers, brands and netizens are showing. Which #USvsIndia meme hit you in the feels? Type them in comments below!

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