Welcome to 2021! A new year, new resolutions and of course, new fashion trends! The year 2020 was not a smooth ride for many, with unprecedented global events and the pandemic, we are glad the new year has commenced. The saying “less is more” may apply to several aspects of design and fashion. However, when it comes to risqué fashion trends, it tends to favour the bold and confident! Various fashion trends chose to imitate the pattern of the year and risqué clothing became the norm.

We were introduced to many clothing styles, from the daring bikini cuts to the napkin top trend, cut-out tops and dresses, exposed g-strings and the list can go on. While some of them were worn tastefully, a portion of them had the opposite impact. These trends, also known as naked dressing, took fashion to new heights. Not for the faint-hearted, or your average-girl, we do appreciate the courage it takes to pull off these looks. Kudos to the people out there who rocked these styles. However, we are happy that these didn’t stick around. Moreover, fashion is about comfort as well and none of these daring fashion trends seemed to check that box. So, we are glad and await the new sartorial trends that will hit the racks this year and bid farewell to the extreme ones from 2020.

1) Napkin Top

Creativity took a whole new spin in 2020 as making a top out of your scarf became a raging trend. Hence, we saw the emergence of the barely-there napkin or handkerchief top. Appropriately named, as the material used to compose them is as small as one. This top is a small and simple piece of cloth in the front with razor-thin strings to tie up at the back, which exposes most of your back and side. Even though this trend is revealing, it was worn tastefully by many fashion influencers. It hit the shelves in many different cuts and styles, becoming an Instagram influencer favourite.

2) Under boob Top

Not sure whether to term this as a trend, but if Kylie Jenner is sporting it, it pretty much becomes a “thing”. The daring under boob top leaves little the imagination and is a whole new take on the ordinary crop-top.

3) Cutout Dresses

Largely spotted on the runways of 2020, cutout clothing became an official trend. Designers were embracing cutouts in many of their designs, ranging from tops to dresses to blazerseverything had side holes. Nevertheless, cutout dresses in the right balance look sexy and highlight your curves. But the standout trend is not a friend after a heavy meal. Hence, we won’t miss it too much this year.

4) Exposed Back

Showing a lot of bare skin ranked high on the trends of 2020. The open back fashion trend was all about bringing that sexy back. While the front portion of tops and dresses is modestly covered, the back is an open window. This trend was not all that bad as it is wearable by most people.

5) Open-front Top

We saw this style take off on the ‘gram sans any inner, with portions of the boob completely exposed. Similar to the under boob trend, this too looks awkward and out of place. We hope it doesn’t make its way into the new year.

6) Sheer Clothing

Sheer clothing was big in 2020. Dresses and tops in different sheer textures and organza were popular and commonly paired with bralettes for a fancy look. However, we don’t mind rocking sheer clothing over a cami or bikini and keep the trend ongoing.

What were some strange trends from 2020 that you’re happy to let go of? Let us know in the comments below.

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