How To Properly Detox Your Tired Nails

How To Properly Detox Your Tired Nails

Kanak Devnani

Who doesn’t love pretty looking nails? Some of us even plan our life around our manicure appointments spending our hard-earned coin on some stunning nail art and fabulous shades of polish. But just like your skin, there are times your nails need some major TLC. The mistake most of us make is treating them as purely aesthetic but they’re literally a window into your body’s health as well. If your fingernails are looking stubby, feeling brittle or weak its time to take a step back from your polish and assess the situation.  A detox is usually the best option especially if you paint your nails super often or keep getting back-to-back manicures. I know its tough but its just a matter of few days and trust me your nails will thank you.

Ahead we’ve listed a few tips and tricks now how to let your cuticles breathe. Before we get to the detox break down here are a few things to watch out for that could be signalling if your nails are healthy or not. If you’re experiencing these symptoms its time make a few changes to your diet and the way you treat your nails.

  • Yellow nails: While age or health issues can cause yellowness the most common cause is staining. This is due to the overuse of polish or acrylic nails.
  • Splitting: Cracking can happen if your hands are in water a lot or exposed to cleaning chemicals when doing a household chore like washing dishes. It can even be a result of overusing acetone-based nail polish removers.
  • White marks: This is usually a result of old trauma at the base of the nail bed and usually grows out by itself.
  • Hardness: Be aware of how your nails are growing and how firm they are without being too thick or too thin. They should also be pinkish in colour without any brown or white spots visible.

Keep reading to discover how to properly detox your nails:

1. Remove your polish

First thing on the list is to remove and get rid of your chipped or flaking nail polish. You know that acetone-based remover you have? Well, it might be time to ditch that and use a more gentle option instead. Many nail polish removers on the market are acetone-based which is actually awful for your nails. They can dehydrate them and cause them to go brittle.

Also never ever peel your polish! I know its tempting and we’re all guilty of doing so but it destroys the surface layer of your nails. Once the polish is off; soak your fingers in water for 10-15 minutes. You want to do this every night to restore the moisture.

Acetone on nails by LarsZ |
Acetone on nails by LarsZ |

2. Cuticle care

Moisturising your cuticles is extremely important. It’s the part of the nail that’s often abused and prone to bacteria due to biting or peeling skin. Once you’ve cleaned or washed your hands dry them off and massage a cuticle oil or serum into and around the cuticle area. This will help keep them nourished. But to completely keep them hydrated apply a moisturising cream on top overnight. If you suffer from dryness you should also try moisturising your hands every few hours. For an extra step apply a strengthening treatment every other day for only a week. Some great options are Sally Hansen‘s Hard As Nails or OPI’s Nail Envy strengthener. You can totally restart the regime and can do it for more than 10-12 days.

Beautiful hands and nails. Home manicure treatments, hand spa by Beautiful hands and nails by Robert Przybysz | (Source:
Home manicure treatments, hand spa by Beautiful hands by Robert Przybysz | (Source:

3. Protect your hands

You’re finally making progress with your nails so here’s one of the most important steps. While you should still practise good hygiene and continue washing your hands; you need to be careful when doing activities such as the dishes or other household chores. Exposing your hands to harsh chemicals and stripping agents are a big nono, so always use gloves for these activities. You really don’t want to damage your nails and have all your hard work to go down the drain.

Girl Washing Dirty Plates With Yellow Latex Gloves By Roman Samborskyi |
Girl Washing Dirty Plates With Yellow Latex Gloves By Roman Samborskyi |

4. Time for polish

Congratulations you made it! After about 12 days of detox and letting your nails breathe you can finally reintroduce polish. Your nails are finally strong and ready but be aware of the quality of the products your layering on. Don’t forget to use an amazing top coat to make your manicure last longer without them getting yellow. Moreover, remember to integrate all these nail care changes into your routine to avoid any issues in the future.

Red Nail polish In Female Hands By ProgressMan |
Red Nail polish In Female Hands By ProgressMan |

What’s your cuticle care routine like? Let us know in the comments below.

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