Here we are, back again with the season of love. It’s time to get a little cosy & romantic with our all-time fave romantic songs. Yass, It’s Valentine’s and what better way to spend it than with your beloved. We all know Valentine’s is all about being with the one you love and we’re super excited to share with you all what our fave influencer couples are up to on this special day. So, we asked them about their plans and their answers were super endearing. Aww, aren’t you already interested to know what they said? Let’s get right into it then.

Here you go!

1. Zaid Darbar & Gauahar Khan

They’re giving us major #CoupleGoals through their Reels and the adorable pictures on Instagram. The cutest couple recently got married and we just love how raw and real their plans are for their 1st Valentine’s as #GAZA. This is what they’ve planned,

We’re not very big fans of the whole Valentine’s Day celebrations as every day is a love day for us. We never feel like we are out of love on any other day, so there’s no reason to specifically celebrate one particular day. Although, we might just go out for dinner or what we just do on a on a normal day and a remind each other of how much we love each other.

2. Savi & Vid

They are the cutest ‘lovebirds’ we’ve come across. The duo would ofc love to spend their Valentine’s travelling across the country, we just cannot wait for the pictures to be out. Super excited & intrigued. Here’s what they’ve planned,

We will be spending Valentine’s week travelling and exploring a part of India that we’ve always wanted to – The Rann Of Kutch. The remote location means that we might not have access to traditional V day festivities, chocolates or roses but we’ll spend it surrounded by panoramas that feed the soul.

3. Malini Agarwal & Nowshad Rizwanullah

We’re gushing over this duo! We love how they balance work and personal life so perfectly. This pair has absolutely made us fall in love with them and this is how they’re going to spend their Valentine’s,

We’re actually having a fun Valentine’s Week starting with a Close Up shoot together which is kinda fun! Then we’re taking a staycation at the Marriott because we celebrate our 9 year anniversary on the 11th of February as well. So I always make Nowshad celebrate the whole week 🙂

4. Abhi and Niyu

This jodi is celebrating Valentine’s in such a simple yet elegant way, tbh they’re a bundle of joy. We love how they’ve planned this special day. Here is it,

Valentine’s Day for us is a reminder that it is yet another day for us to celebrate our love. Since we’re still keeping social distance, we will enjoy Valentines Day with a romantic post dinner walk. We find the best of our memories when we talk about something totally random, and we will choose to make Valentine’s memories as well.

5. Aditya & Shweta Narayan

The newlyweds are slayin’ it on social media and we love how they’re so cute, adorable and romantic. We are so fond of the kind of love they share and cherish. We’re so excited to know what Shewta has planned for Aditya, are you’ll too? Let’s see what Aditya has to say,

Well I have no idea because Shweta has asked me to keep free for the day and that’s it. I’m pretty sure she’s planning a surprise for me. Generally I’m the one making the plans so it’s very sweet of her to do so. I am quite excited!

6. Nikhil and Shanice

They dated for quite some time and now they are married. The newlyweds are all set to celebrate their 1st Valentines together, check it out,

Well, as a couple we never really celebrated Valentine’s Day while we dated honestly. We believe everyday needs to be special and full of love. But this year, since we are married and we are on cloud 9, we plan to celebrate it. We’re going to be travelling and are planning of surprises for each other which we won’t tell each other about! But one thing is sure, this Valentine’s gonna be super special.

7. Karishma Sakhrani & Sameer Uttamsingh

Love is in the air, isn’t it? Sameer proposed to her in the Maldives and guess what, she said yes. We love the simplicity of your Valentine plans. Here they are,

With only two days to go to our civil wedding, Sameer and I will be spending this V-Day at home! Cozying up in front of the telly and watching cheesy movies. And a home cooked dinner and some good wine on our terrace! Sameer is a fab cook!

8. Danish Alfaaz & Sana Eslam Khan

This duo is killing it with their content on social media. We love their vibe when they shoot together. Let’s see what their Valentine plans are,

Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to shower my love upon her. I really want her to realise that everyday is like Valentine’s Day. For starters, whatever she wishes for will be granted. I’m her genie and I wish to be her genie for the rest of my life.

Well, their plans seem to be super exciting and we just can’t wait for all their pictures to be out. All we need this season is love, love and too much love. What are you planning to do this Valentine’s? Tell us about your plans in the comments below!

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