ICYMI, Imposter Syndrome is being declared the “new epidemic” as the number of people suffering from it has increased sharply. More people feel like fraudsters who do not deserve their success, which is not surprising considering how competitive and cut-throat the world around us has become. Our mental health crashes more times than the economy, and in this pandemic, that is really saying something. Since most of us have, are and probably will suffer from it, we need to know how to deal with it and learn ways to overcome Imposter Syndrome.

While our previous article dealt with everything related to struggling with Imposter Syndrome and why it inflicts so many of us, this one will deal with beating it once and for all. Our skills, talent, and hard work are the reasons for our success and nothing should ever make us feel otherwise!

The following information has been collated from the Harvard Business Review, Financial Review and The New York Times.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

1. Recognise Your Imposter Feelings

The very first step to overcoming Imposter Syndrome is to recognise it. You should make a note of when such feelings emerge and what triggers them. Make a note of these and study them. For instance, if you feel like a fraud when somebody compliments a project you led at work, make a note of it. By acknowledging your imposter feelings and allowing yourself to learn about how it is affecting you is vital for recovery. Tracking such thoughts can help you understand them better and work on eliminating them completely.

2. Make a “Pros Only” List For Yourself

We’ve said this before and will say this again, you are your biggest cheerleader. Imposter Syndrome makes you doubt your talent and hard-work and to combat that, you have to hype yourself up! Make a “Pros Only” list about yourself and write down everything good about you! If you’ve accomplished something, ask yourself what skills were needed to accomplish it and then check your list to see if you have them! Chances are you probably will. Use this list of pros whenever you feel like a fraud and reaffirm yourself and eventually you will be able to overcome Imposter Syndrome.

3. Personalise Your Affirmations

If you feel like an imposter, simply saying affirmations “I am enough” and “I deserve my success” may not be enough. Instead, personalise them! Talk to yourself in third person. For example, I would say, “Mallika is enough” and “Mallika deserves her success”. A study by the University of Michigan found that by simply saying your name aloud can have a powerful effect on how you perceive yourself. Malala Yousafzai and LeBron James use this all the time too!

4. Visualise Your Success

Visualising your success is one of the best ways to overcome Imposter Syndrome. Take a few moments to visualise the task ahead. It could be a presentation, appraisal or even a speech. Visualise how you will handle it with success before it actually happens. This will help you build confidence and courage, which are key elements to fight Imposter Syndrome!

5. Speak Up & Find Other Fellow Victims

You don’t have to suffer silently or alone! By speaking up about Imposter Syndrome (even if it is to one other person) can be of great help. You will not only feel supported and lighter, but also find someone else going through it too! Together, you will be able to navigate through these fraudulent waters better and overcome it once and for all!

What are your ways to overcome Imposter Syndrome? Share it with us in the comments below!

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