Let us tell you one thing, we are officially obsessed with Yashraj Mukhate and his tracks! We’re not even over his last track and he has already dropped a new remix. Only a few days back he dropped a super cool remix called ‘Pawri Hori Hai‘ and we can’t stop playing it ever since. He turned a super fun dialogue into a remix that is so catchy that we cannot get over it. FYI, from now, we won’t be partying, we will be ‘pawring’! Not just that, many creators have started jumping on this fun trend by giving it their own little twist. So are you ready to pawri? Here’s everything you need to know about the mix…

Check it out!

A few days back a creator named Dananeer posted a fun video with her girls and their pawri on Instagram. Yashraj was quick to notice it and he turned it into a groovy mix. The beats are so catchy that it has got us hooked in no time. In only two days of posting the video, he has already garnered over 37 lakh views on Instagram and 9.3 million views on YouTube. Also, can we please talk about the hilarious dialogues that Yashraj himself added in the video? It straight up had us cackling! Not just that, the word ‘pawri‘ keeps playing in our head on loop.

Creators who have started jumping on this trend:

1. Anmol Sachar

We absolutely love Anmol because he always adds his own little twist to all viral trends. He quickly picked up on the pawri trend and added his own spice to it. NGL, his video is super relatable and we connect with it on a different level. All millennials and Gen-Z can surely relate to the anxiety part, amirite?

2. Shibani Bedi

If this video isn’t the perfect representation of our lives then IDK what is! Shibani jumped onto this viral trend and made it into a relatable Reel that hit us right in the feels. ‘Ghode bech ke sona‘ is exactly what our weekend plans look like.

3. Shravan Shah

This Reel literally had us cackling ‘cuz it’s so apt. All of us know that Petrol prices have been skyrocketing and this is the perfect trend to highlight that. We love how our very own Shravan has added this quirky twist to this viral remix.

It’s safe to say that Yashraj is absolutely killing it on social media with his trendy tracks. Time and again he has proved that he has something new for his fans every time. We are all set to pawri with our gang, are you? If y’all haven’t watched this video yet, what are you even doing? Click here and start grooving to it right away!

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