It’s always a treat to find an interesting and entertaining exchange between two of our favourite actors, no? I mean, if it’s between two powerhouses like Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Ranveer Singh, then it sure is going to be a riot! And their latest conversation was all that and more! PC was in conversation with Ranveer as she is currently promoting her memoir, Unfinished.

But apart from the conversation round her book, this seemed like a lovely catch-up session for the two stars who spoke about PC’s best performances, their time working together in Gunday and Bajirao Mastani and about their respective partners and their quirks. Yes, well this is where it gets interesting!

Given his sartorial choices when it comes to his dressing and wardrobe choices, PC quizzed Ranveer if he steals clothes from wife Deepika Padukone‘s closet. To this, Ranveer sportingly replied that he actually does not, and that it is the other way round! DP apparently steals his clothes. Now, we aren’t surprised, given Ranveer really has an interesting closet.

Meanwhile, PC shared that she actually picks up clothes from Nick Jonas‘ closet quite frequently and said that she asked Ranveer about it because she felt Ranveer and DP also shared a similar dynamic. Well, she wasn’t entirely wrong!

Speaking about his ‘Jiju’ Nick, Ranveer says that he loves to chill with him and says, “I must say he is a fine gentleman, extremely chivalrous, very very warm. We chilled together. He is a lot of fun.” To that, PC added that the two couples should definitely go on a double date and “just do something really fun.” Well, that will be one eventful get-together, don’t you guys think?