If you’re a makeup aficionado you’ve probably already heard of the term cut-crease before. It’s an eyeshadow technique that’s become super popular in recent years seen on celebs and bloggers alike. You’ve also probably seen tons of tutorials on it by now. But what is it exactly? First made popular around the ‘60s, a cut crease has the power to create depth and add definition to your eyes. The technique involves you defining your eye by cutting it across with makeup but most commonly with concealer. It works to make your eyes look more open and wide, almost faking a ton of eyelid space. While any eye shape can rock it with some smart execution, the added depth and other qualities are exactly why it’s an especially popular style for those with hooded eyes.

From soft and natural looks to the more dramatic anything is possible with a cut crease. So if all that is exactly what you’re looking for you’ve come to the right place. Brush up on those makeup skills and have your eyeshadow brushes at the ready. Let our round-up some fabulous cut-crease styles inspire you to create the eye looks of your dreams.

Keep scrolling for some gorgeous cut-crease makeup inspo:

1. Glitter Diamond Crease

All that sparkles is even better when worn as eyeshadow. Add glitter to your cut crease for an ultimate glam sparkly effect. This will make your eyes pop. After you define the crease lay down some sliver shadow on the lids as a base then top it off with a gel-based glitter. Use a rich black eyeliner to define the eyes.

2. Double Liner

Amp up your basic cut crease look with double the liner. Over your black liner go in with a very thin lime green liner to spruce it up. Apply a similar toned shadow or glitter on the bottom lashes and voila this makes your look double the fun.

3. Subtle Contour

This version isn’t much in your face compared to other crease looks but it’s so uniquely beautiful you can’t miss it. Here it’s all about creating a natural shadow effect with subtle contouring. Topped off with some accent lashes to add some depth and balance and you’ve got yourself a winning look no matter what the occasion.

4. 90s supermodel glam

‘90s makeup is super trendy ATM and the supermodel glam from that era are truly iconic. Recreate this look with warm matte browns and sharp as a knife winged liner that could cut anyone that crosses you.

5. Soft Glam

This dreamy look is more simple but super effective. Suitable for any occasion day or night, the soft blend of ivory pink, earthy browns and nudes with a thin feline flick is the chefs kiss! Definitely bookmark this one for your next date.

6. Retro Vibes

Fall into the ‘60s with this stunning cut crease look. The pastel greens perfectly coincide with the spring season for a look that’s on-trend and ever so pretty. Remember to keep those lashes fluttery for a more romantic look.

7. Bold Bejeweled Beauty

Truly a work of art! Trace tiny jewels around the crease to show off your cut look and amplify it. Go full out on the crease to shine bright or go more sparse with jewels or appliques for a subtler effect.

8. Emerald Hues

Gold and green? Yes, please! How stunning is the combo of golden eyeshadow paired with the green tone? Creating a sort of halo eye they both contrast beautifully adding some extra oomph to the look while making the eyes pop.

9. Flame On

Feeling a little bold and brave? Flair your creative juices and slay all day with this look that calls for red hot liner and drawing on accent flames. This one isn’t for the faint at heart.

Which of these looks is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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