When you are just beginning in your journey to follow your dreams, guidance and advice from the people you look upto is of utmost importance. And for a young actor, advice from a star like Shah Rukh Khan is one they will keep in their hearts and minds forever, amirite?

Amrita Rao is one such actress who got a lovely piece of advice from SRK that she says she still hold on to. The two worked together in Farah Khan‘s Main Hoon Na where Shah Rukh played an Army major disguised as the young Amrita’s college professor.

Speaking about the advice he gave her, she says:

When I worked with Mr. Shah Rukh Khan in Main Hoon Na, I remeber this one piece of advice he gave me. He said, “200 filmein aayengi, humein sirf do karni hai. Aur woh filmein aise hone chahiye ki people should not say ‘Oh, yeh film bhi kiya tha? Aur yeh kab release hui? (200 films will come our way, but we just need to do 2. And those two films should be such that people shouldn’t say, ‘Oh you did this film, too? When did it release?)”

She says that she has been very conscious about that and chosen only a very few, selected scripts. She goes on to add that an actress is only remembered for one film, that one landmark film that becomes their larger identity, hers being Vivaah.

To watch her entire conversation, check this out: