Saving money may just be one of the hardest things to do or at least, I always thought so. No matter how hard I would budget and try to save, I always failed. What really jolted me is that I was spending more in quarantine that I did in my pre-COVID-19 life! This was shocking because I wasn’t traveling much anymore and commuting used to eat up a large chunk of my savings. Nor was I going out on weekends or in general (goodbye, overpriced vodka sodas and wine). It was then I decided to take money matters into my own hands and be serious about saving money. Making budgets and hiding my credit card never has and never will work for me, so I decided to be creative and cut costs in unique ways. I’ve been following these unique yet effective ways to save money for the past few months. I can confidently say that not only do they work, but are also super easy to stick to!

4 Unique Yet Effective Ways I Save Extra Money

1. Delete Shopping Apps Off Your Phone

This was the most effective of the lot. Deleting shopping apps like Amazon, Nykaa and Myntra off my phone saved me a lot of money. If you’re like me and mindlessly scroll through these apps and end up adding random stuff to your cart, this tip is a God-send for you. Many times I bought something because it was discounted and ended up spending more than the said discount saved me. I’ve lost count of how many times I spent Rs 2000 on a MAC lipstick to save Rs 200. It wasn’t just for cosmetics, but I was buying random gadgets, weird clothes and all sorts of food that I simply did not need… or even used later on. Deleting these apps stopped me from all this mindless shopping and my bank account loved it!

2. Use A Menstrual Cup

Unfortunately, we all pay period tax. As if being a woman wasn’t hard enough in India, we have to pay 12% GST on sanitary products and they are not cheap. My period cycles cost me roughly Rs 500 every month which includes pads, medication and a whole tub of ice-cream. While this isn’t much, I personally felt it was unfair and also terrible for the environment. So, I decided to cut costs by using a menstrual cup! It turned out to be a unique and effective way to save money as I stopped spending on pads! Plus they’re so much more convenient, cleaner and eco-friendly!

3. Share Your OTT Platform Subscription

Entertainment is a luxury and it costs just as much. I didn’t realise just how much I was spending on Netflix, Amazon PrimeVideo, Disney+Hotstar and SonyLIV (which I literally subscribed to for Scam 1992). I barely even get time to watch one TV show, let alone a whole bunch of them. Yet I was spending a lot of money on these platforms! So, I split my subscriptions with my friends, especially my Netflix one. I was paying 1/4th the cost for each platform and that significantly helped me cut costs. I suggest you do the same as it is extremely worth it!

4. Use Cash As Much As Possible

Using cards and digital wallets doesn’t really make you feel the pinch of spending. But cash, oh that’s a whole new story. Since I deleted shopping apps off my phone, I would end up buying my creams, soaps etc from physical shops. Using cash to pay for them made me aware of the money I was spending and even stopped me from buying things I didn’t need. This is an extremely unique and effective tip. When you swipe your card, you can’t really see the money leaving your hands so you don’t realise how much you’re truly spending. Try and pay with cash as much as you can. Seeing the size of me wallet reduce really did a number on me. Even if you’re ordering stuff online, opt for cash on delivery.

I hope these tips help you save some extra money! What do you use? Let me know in the comments below!

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