There are a ton of charities and NGOs working towards women’s rights today. However, we wanted to let you in on the charities women themselves established for their own independence and to lend a helping hand to other women… It’s true when they say that, women succeed only when other women help them out… Amirite? This International Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate women who uplift other women. Below we’ve listed down 6 charities started by women, for women, and who are bringing a major (and much-needed) change into this male-dominated world.

1. Every Mother Counts

Founded by model Christy Turlington Burns, this activist group works at improving medical care for mothers all across the world by training professionals, improving transportation facilities, and donating funds and crucial supplies to clinics. The organisation has helped in improving the mortality rates in Tanzania, Haiti, and India by arranging medical grants. Its aim is to provide all women with quality, respectful, and equitable maternity care.

2. Movemeant Foundation

Inspired by her personal struggles, Jenny Gaither started this foundation to bring a change in the way women perceive their own bodies. It empowers young women who struggle with body-image issues, to feel confident in themselves by equipping them with tools that aim at building strength and self-esteem instead of focusing on attaining a slim figure like society forces them to.

3. Women for Women International

Founded by a 23-year-old Iraqi-American entrepreneur, Zainab Salbi, this organization has been supporting marginalised women in countries terrorised by conflict and war, since 1993. By providing women with life and business skills, has made them self-dependent and improved their income prospects, legal rights, and overall well-being.  WFWI has distributed more than $118 million as aids and loans to women and is currently working across 11 international offices to empower women.

4. Anita B. Org.

Since 1987, this organization founded by Anita Borg has been working to put women in positions where they can excel in the field of technology. Resources and education are provided by this group for people across the world to learn to code. In India, this organization conducts career fairs for women, offering companies a chance to establish gender diversity in their staff.

5. Keep A Breast Foundation

Shaney Jo Darden established this foundation after her friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and she committed herself to raise awareness for this cause through art and creative-action sports. This organisation provides education and support to young women who suffer from breast cancer.

6. The Malala Fund

This is an organisation that was started by the young schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai after she was shot by the Taliban for advocating for the education of young girls. This youngest Nobel Prize winner started this foundation to provide girls with 12 years of education and achieve their full potential and create positive change in society. It also advocates for safe quality education and policy changes to provide resources that prioritise education for girls.

If you follow or support any female-led organisation and NGOs, let us know in the comments below!

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