Netizens never stop coming up with viral new and interesting viral challenges. Every day we wake up to find a new challenge trending on social media platforms. Last week the #FrontRowChallenge really made rounds on the internet and many creators took it up worldwide. The challenge is quite simple, all you need to do is show the world what you’d wear to the front row of famous fashion shows. Well, it’s no surprise that so many creators in the country jumped on to this trend and gave it their own tadka. All the videos that we saw really made us feel like we are attending a luxury fashion show. Not just that, these creators really went all out in terms of styling and amped-up their game. So, if you’re looking for some fashion inspo, this challenge is perfect for you. Check some of our favourite videos out!

Here they are!

1. Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh is a queen whom we adore and love! She always tries new challenges and twists them in her own quirky way. For the #FrontRowChallenge, instead of famous designers, she used relatable situations and that made the whole video so hilarious. I love how Dolly never runs out of creative ideas.

2. Sejal Kumar

This video summarises exactly why I am such a big fan of Sejal Kumar. While creators took the #FrontRowChallenge, Sejal went a step ahead and gave it her own take. She used this challenge as an opportunity to give a shoutout to all the cool local brands that she has ever worn. I love how thoughtful she is about her craft.

3. Masoom Minawala

It’s safe to say that Masoom Minawala looks like a goddess in luxurious Indian outfits. Just like other creators, even she took the challenge but instead of foreign brands, she chose to highlight Indian designers. Her video is so visually appealing that I can’t stop looking at it! Brb, gotta go buy lehengas for myself! 😛

4. Sanket Mehta

Sanket Mehta is a popular dancer and creator who has a huge fan following. He has recently started posting a lot of styling content as well and it has definitely caught our eye. Sanket recently took the #FrontRowChallenge but not in a conventional way. He kept his Reel simple and minimalistic and tbh, it totally matches my vibe!

5. Sarang Patil

Sarang Patil is a well-known content creator with an interesting sense of style. So, it’s a given that he would take the #FrontRowChallenge and completely nail it! I personally loved all his outfits but my favourite has to be the one he wore for Alexander McQueen.

6. Niharicka Singh

Captain Nick has given this viral trend a hilariously desi twist and I can’t stop laughing! She has accurately dressed up for all the occasions mentioned above and it cannot get any more real. I absolutely love it when creators get so quirky with viral trends.

7. Deviya Singh Choudhary

Deviya is a talented lifestyle and fashion influencer whose fan following is only growing by the day! She jumped on this trend and honestly I loved how all her outfits matched perfectly with the designer’s vibe. Doesn’t this make you wanna try the #FrontRowChallenge too?

8. Trushna Parekh

Trushna is a budding makeup artist and content creator whose content is fun, entertaining and practical. She also took this fun challenge and I really enjoyed watching her selection of outfits. My fave has to be Ralph Lauren!

These creators really took the #FrontRowChallenge to the next level! While some gave us some epic outfit inspo, others gave it an exciting twist. So, have you tried this challenge yet? Tell us in the comments below!

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