Makeovers are a great way to experiment, cheer up, drive the boredom away and to feel like a new you, isn’t it? Let’s admit that change is indeed inevitable and we undergo them every single day! Just like that, we have come across a few creators who took the leap of faith with their looks and the results were nothing short of amazing. We can’t stress enough on how well all these creators are carrying their new avatars. So, if you’re looking to get a quirky makeover, keep scrolling to get some funky and cool ideas right now!

Here they are:

1. Melvin Louis

Melvin took everyone by surprise when he chopped and donated his ponytail to help cancer patients. His makeover really inspired his fans to do their bit and give back to society. Also, we honestly can’t keep track of his bright hair colours! So far, all the colours he dyed his hair with have suited him and now we can’t wait to see what’s on the palette next.

2. Rider Girl Vishakha

New hair, who dis, a unicorn or RiderGirlVishakha? Gosh, we can’t get enough of Vishakha’s new look, it’s so colourful and lively. According to me, her makeover literally screams all shades of her that is, fearless, adventurous, crazy and a fun-loving creator, amirite?

3. Mr. Faisu

What can we even say about Mr. Faisu? He is one of the most loved and talented creators in India. I’m sure we all are used to seeing him in his long hair, aren’t we? No matter what, Mr.Faisu always kills it with his charming self and we cannot deny that. His new style and look have made us fall in love with him all over again!

4. Unnati Malharkar

Let’s be honest, makeovers can end up either bad or good! In this case, the transformation from long hair to short was a super hit one. Unnati looks quite chic and edgy in her new look and I can guarantee that I wouldn’t even look half as good as she does! 😛

5. Meghna Kaur

Shetroublemaker is climbing higher on the sass scale with her new hair colour and we are totally loving this side of her. Looks like Meghna took the famous statement “life is too short to have boring hair” quite seriously and went all out. Well, it was worth it as we absolutely adore her new hairstyle way too much.

6. Shivani Singh

In the past, we have seen Shivani with multiple hair makeovers but her current look really compliments her! Not just that, this colour adds to her fierce, independent and confident vibe. Tbh, she reminds us of a modern strawberry shortcake, and who doesn’t love that character?

7. Sherry Shroff

Yes, it’s true that everything looks good with shorter hair! The gorgeous Sherry Shroff had donated her long hair for a good social cause and since then she has been slayin’ it with her short one. She is an inspiration and we’re so proud of her for being so daring. Ngl, we love her a little more in this look! 😛

8. MSK

Never underestimate the power of a new look! A rangeen person just got a little more rangeen with his new hair. We have been gushing over MSK’s funky makeover. Tbh, his new look is doing all the talking and we cannot deny that, can we?

9. Anam Chashmawala

Our all-time fave girl, Aanam is glowing more than ever after her transformation from long hair to short. This new look has really suited her and it brings out her chic and confident self. In simple words, we can only say that love is in the hair!

I am sure by now that you are convinced and motivated to go try out some new looks ASAP! All these creators took a risk but guess what, it worked in favour of them. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself a makeover. Also, tell us in the comments below which creator transformation blew your mind.

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