While growing up, Disney had been my go-to for anything and everything. As a person, I have grown up watching Disney and have admired the princesses for years. Let’s just agree, most of us have dreamed of becoming a Disney princess while we were young. Tbh, I still admire all the princesses not just because they are stunning but also ‘cuz everyone is portrayed to be strong, passionate and unique in their own way. However, in many ways, they do remind me of so many unique and talented content creators out there. So, I decided to get a lil’ creative and show y’all some awesome female creators who I think would look amazing as Disney princesses. So, are you ready to enter this enchanted ride? Let’s go!

Here they are:

1. BelleSejal Kumar

Belle, Sejal Kumar (Source: Instagram | @sejalkumar1195)
Belle, Sejal Kumar (Source: Instagram | @sejalkumar1195)

Okay, hear me out! Just imagine Sejal Kumar playing the gorgeous Belle in the new Beauty And The Beast movie, wouldn’t that be epic? First of all, in this picture, she looks so similar to Belle that I can’t get over the uncanny resemblance. Secondly, Belle as a character was so headstrong, dedicated and a kind soul. I can blindly relate all these qualities with Sejal!

2. MoanaMithila Palkar

Moana, Mithila Palkar (Source: Instagram | @mipalkarofficial)
Moana, Mithila Palkar (Source: Instagram | @mipalkarofficial)

Mithila would be perfect as Moana, wouldn’t she? Whenever I see her sporting her wild and free natural hair, she instantly reminds me of Moana. Just like their gorgeous tresses, both of them are free-spirited, strong and open to experiencing new things. Mithila would totally ace it as Moana and there’s no denying it!

3. JasminNagma Mirajkar

Jasmin, Nagma Mirajkar (Source: Instagram | @nagmamirajkar)
Jasmin, Nagma Mirajkar (Source: Instagram | @nagmamirajkar)

While I know Nagma has also posted a Reel where she literally dressed up as the original Jasmin, I find this picture more relatable to the character of Jasmin. Nagma looks so poised and stunning in her Indian attire that I can’t take my eyes off her. The character of Jasmin looks similar to Nagma in so many ways and I love it!

4. RapunzelDhanashree Verma

Princesses Rapunzel, Dhanashree Verma (Source: Instagram | @dhanashree9)
Rapunzel, Dhanashree Verma (Source: Instagram | @dhanashree9)

If you don’t think Dhanashree is the perfect re-cast for Rapunzel then we cannot be friends! Her long tresses and expressive eyes only remind me of the Tangled princess. Don’t you agree?

5. CinderellaMrunu

Cinderella, Mrunal Panchal (Source: Instagram | @mrunu)
Cinderella, Mrunal Panchal (Source: Instagram | @mrunu)

Name a better creator than Mrunu to play Cinderella, I’ll wait! With that silver slipper in her hand, Mrunu looks like the modern-day reincarnation of Cinderella and I can’t stop gushing over it. I can only imagine how epic it would look if she was actually cast to play the Disney princess. That movie would surely become a blockbuster, wouldn’t it? 😛

6. Little Mermaid Larissa D’sa

Little mermaid, Larissa D'sa (Source: Instagram | @larissa_wlc)
Little mermaid, Larissa D’sa (Source: Instagram | @larissa_wlc)

Who better suited to play the Little Mermaid than Larissa herself? Doesn’t she legit look like a jalpari in his picture? Ariel is known as the daring, bubbly and adventurous princess and Larissa is exactly like that. Both of them share their passion for exploring new places.

7. Snow White –  Anam Darbar

Princesses Snow White, Anam Darbar (Source: Instagram | @anamdarbar)
Snow White, Anam Darbar (Source: Instagram | @anamdarbar)

Anam Darbar would indeed make the cutest Snow White ever! Also, she has successfully managed to recreate the look to the T. I cannot think of any creator who’d be perfect for Snow White than Anam! I can’t wait to see who Anam chooses as her 7 dwarfs!

8. AuroraSonal Devraj

Princesses Aurora, Sonal Devraj (Source: Instagram | @bhaiyajiismile)
Aurora, Sonal Devraj (Source: Instagram | @bhaiyajiismile)

Am I the only one who can see the resemblance between Sonal and Aurora? I think Sonal would fit amazingly well as Aurora, don’t you agree? Moreover, both of them possess a similar quality, they look stunning at whatever they do!

This was my version of re-casting talented content creators as popular Disney princesses and tbh, I’m loving it! Disney has been a great part of my life and continues to be. Imagine if we ever get to watch any of these creators in a Disney movie. That would be so epic! Tell us which princess is your favourite and why in the comments below.

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