These days we see content creators venture out and explore their new creative side every day. All of them work super hard to showcase and create something new and out-of-the-box for their audience. One such talented and popular creator is Dipraj Jadhav. If you don’t know him, you are seriously living under a rock! Dipraj is the king of mashup videos and memes whose content was an instant hit among the millennials. Tbh, his unique and mind-blowing edits keep us hooked to his feed 24×7. So, don’t waste time and scroll through to know interesting things about the master of mashups.

Who is Dipraj Jadhav?

Dipraj has always been passionate about blending visual clips with popular tunes and creating something super cool. Born in Shirpur, Maharashtra, he is a popular internet sensation who is taking social media by storm with his unique mashups. Did you know he started creating meme mashup edits long back when this genre did not even exist? I mean how fascinating is that? Soon, he realized his developing interest in visual art and studied animation. Today, Dipraj’s YouTube family stands strong with over 214k subscribers and he enjoys half a million followers on Instagram. Well, we are super proud to see him accomplish and unlock some amazing milestones in such a short time span.

All about his content

It all started, when Dipraj uploaded his first mix of Riteish Deshmukh’s Lai Bhari dialogues and Kung Fu Panda visuals. The video was a super-duper hit, the best part was that it was retweeted by Riteish himself. However, the video that made him a digital sensation was Scene Kya Hai – a popular rap song of Nucleya and Divine synced to a fight between Ram and Raavan from Ramayan. This resulted in Jadhav becoming famous and getting many collaborations from creators and the entertainment industry. These stepping stones helped Dipraj turn his goals and dreams into reality!

That’s not all, Dipraj’s work was appreciated by many creators and artists like Badshah, Ritviz and many more. All this helped him grow and explore as an artist. Tbh, his big break happened when DJ Snake reposted his mashup of Magenta Riddim ft. Jethalal from Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma, which was epic! Over the years, Dipraj won our hearts with his talent and content and now we can’t wait to watch all the new quirky mashups he has in store for us.

Here’s what Dipraj Jadhav has to say about his journey,

I was always fascinated with the entertainment industry, ever since childhood and I knew I wanted to work there someday. This journey began with my animation and editing course. Later, I acquired my knowledge about the digital world while creating videos for TVF and AIB. All these experiences slowly moulded me into a content creator and that’s when I started building my brand. One of my first steps towards fame happened when huge international artists liked and shared my content as well as collaborated with me.

Over years, I also attracted love and support from many Bollywood celebrities in the industry. Content creation helped me live my far-fetched dream. One of the biggest challenges that I’ve faced would be to change the perception of certain things among my audience. I feel if I can help people improve their quality of life or bring awareness then there’s nothing like it. My friends and family have been my support system throughout and their constant feedback always helps me. When I think about my journey it feels like a fairytale story as what I started as a hobby is now helping me accomplish my goals.

Ever since we came across this sensational star, we have just been binging to his mashups. His content has got everyone’s attention and applause and we so proud of Dipraj for following his passion and killing it. Have you checked his profile yet? Click here to take a look right away!

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