If you’ve been paying attention to social media at all you would have noticed that Gen Z has recently deemed the middle or centre hair part cool again. Side parts are so passe. Seriously, this made me feel so old. But if you’re a millennial like me, there’s no need to be devasted, we know the power of a good side part, middle part or an extreme side part. It’s all about embracing individuality, playing up one’s strong suits or just literally picking what works that day. However, it’s true that the way you style hair can have an impact on the overall look of your face just the way a haircut can.

If you haven’t already this might be a good time to try a different style to change things up a bit. Depending on your face shape and what look you’re going for it can do wonders. Plus its less costly than a brand new haircut. But while relatively simple, it can be a tad bit confusing figuring the right place to part your hair to play up your facial features.

To make things easier here are a few tips to consider then keep reading on how to create a flattering part.

  • Think about the volume and texture of your hair. Depending on your hair’s thickness and texture, changing up your part can be impactful. For example, tossed over the side is great if you have limp hair.
  • The length of your hair matters. If you have shorter hair your part might create a more notable impact whereas if you have really long hair you might enjoy a centre part to easy wear it down without getting in your face.
  • Think about your face shape. Experiment with different styles to see what works best to flatter you naturally or what feature you would like to enhance.
  • Flattering is a relative term so at the end of the day wear it in whatever way makes you feel most beautiful.

Here are the best ways to precisely part your hair:

1. A Natural Part

This is basically where your hair sits naturally when you just let it be. To find the natural part you want to start with dry hair or at least towel dry it if you’re just out of the shower. Take a wide-tooth comb and comb your hair back, Next, you want to push the hair on top gently forwards and towards the face with your fingers. The hair should sort of split naturally and that’s your part.

2. The Middle Part

Probably the quickest and easiest way to part your hair. It’s great if your aim is to elongate your face. This has the hair falling evenly on both sides of the face. For the perfect centre, comb all your hair back away from your face. Position it right in the middle of your face which should be at the centre of your brows. Then comb each side downwards.

You can go for a soft wavy look with your hair down or even a slick low ponytail.

3. A Side Part

Many women go-to, this one’s easy, relaxed and usually great for showing off the angles of your face. Plus if you’re in between washes you can totally cheat a sleek side part for oily hair days. All you need to do after pushing your hair back is tilt your head to one side. Position your comb at the centre of your eyebrows and run it through the hair sideways. This allows the area where you want the part to be formed to be the highest point of your head.

If you want a more casual messy look do the same just with your fingers. Want to change it up even more? Just flip your hair and try the opposite side from your regular end and see the subtle yet major change happen.

4. The Extreme Side Part

If you’ve followed so far you know we’ve been using our eyebrows as a guide. Following the same system, you want to position your comb at the end of your eyebrow and run it backwards. If you want a cleaner part use a rattail comb to create a line and part it on either side.

If your baby hairs are getting in the way take just a drop of hair oil and apply it to any areas where the part needs cleaning up. Alternatively, for a smoother look, you can use a tiny bit of styling wax or hairspray to brush down the hair and any flyaways.

This extreme or deep side part works great if you have a glam event or special occasion to go to. You’ll notice a lot of celebs tend to rock this look on the red carpet too. With your hair off to one side, it lets your cheekbones take centerstage and helps elongate the face.

How do you like to part your hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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