You might be looking at your super straight locks and feeling uninspired but we’re here to tell you nothing is boring about straight har. In fact, you pretty lucky. Straight hair is pretty versatile compared to curly or wavy locks. It may seem a little limiting at first but with the right tools and tricks, you can totally transform into a new exciting vibe. From sleek looks to precise cuts, its time to grab that hair straightener and get working with these gorgeous hairstyles.

Keep scrolling and get inspired by these dazzling straight hairstyles:

1. Ponytail with a black ribbon

Ribbons are a great way to add a finishing touch to your ponytails. Simple yet utterly elegant and chic it can add a touch of romance to your looks. For a more formal event, you can sleek back the strands and add a velvet ribbon. Against the smoothness of your hair, the velvet texture of the ribbon will create a wonderful striking contrast.

2. Add a cute hairband

Who doesn’t love a cute headband? It especially comes in handy when you have an oily or greasy scalp. If you want to stand out pull out a statement headband and watch your look go to the next level. Super chic and effortless for your next occasion.

3. Snap-on barrettes

Look cute while keeping the hair out of your face during the day. No-fuss and easy to do, just pull back the front of your hair with some cute clips and you’re good to go. Rock this out on a daily and feel the trendy ‘90s vibes come through.

4. Artfully undone

Add some texture to your locks and keep it tousled for a whole new vibe. Just because your hair is straight doesn’t mean it always needs to be perfect and precise. Use some dry shampoo for volume and texturizing spray to just that ‘I just work up’, piece-y look.

5. Face framing braids

Aren’t these little baby braids supercute? All you have to do is to part your hair in the centre, take one-inch strands from the front of your face and braid away. Fasten the ends with a clear hair tie or one matching your hair colour for a more seamless look.

6. Flipped ends

Sometimes the smallest change can make a big difference, amirite? Next time you let your hair down try flipping the ends. For a more formal version, iron your hair to be super straight with an extreme side part. Then flip the ends inwards or outwards with the straightener for a more retro style vibe.

7. Sleek half-up-half-down

This ’60s meets the modern-day with this sleek hairstyle. The front portion of the hair is swept to the side for a faux bang. Pair it with the flipped ends you’ve got yourself a super trendy look.

8. Wrapped high ponytail

Look snatched with a super high sleek ponytail and go even with an even longer tail if you dare! Once your hair’s up and smoothes, just take an inch of hair wrap it around your hair tie and down the trail, for a cool finish. We promise its worth the headache.

9. Stacked multi-ponytail

Sometimes more is just better. Getting bored with your usual ponytails? Just take a few sections and add a few more hair ties and stack them up.

Which of these hairstyles are you most excited to try first? Let me know in the comments below.

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