How did we ever survive in a world without beauty hacks to help sort us out? The day I first discovered YouTube and makeup tutorials was like a blessing. Little old me consumed all kinds of beauty content from professional makeup artists and beauty gurus all over the world. Now we probably learn and consume even more tricks, tips and hacks at a faster pace with the influx of professionals on social media all sharing their best advice. Throughout the years I’ve picked up on numerous beauty hacks makeup application tips, and product recommendations that have actually changed the way I do my makeup. And honestly, my makeup routine is all the better for it. So if you’re looking for some game-changing beauty tips look no further. I’ve rounded up a few beginner-friendly tips and tricks that have made a major impact on my routine.

Here’s a list of awesome beauty hacks you just have to try:

1. Face-lifting concealer hack

I remember seeing this new concealer hack all over Tiktok last year that aims for a natural yet lifted look. I am not a fan of the triangle method so I was super excited to try this, especially when makeup artist and YouTuber Robert Welsh explained it so clearly. This simple trick involves placing a small amount of concealer towards your inner corner and a dot on the outer. The key here is to tap and blend the concealer in the designated area without moving it across the whole undereye area all at once.

This ensures maximum coverage where it’s actually needed and counteracts darkness by having the natural light bounce off it. Ever since I gave it a shot I’ve never looked back and my under eyes have never looked better!

2. Blush placement is important

Who knew where you apply your blush can actually change the shape of your face? You might have even seen this all over Instagram recently but if you’ve been watching OG YouTube for a while you might already have known about it. I learned this trick by watching a video from makeup artist Wayne Goss years ago where he explained the best way to apply blush by keeping your face shape in mind.

I think Alexandra Anele in the video below explains it best if you want a quick understanding of how it works. In short, a higher placement, like on the outer part of your cheekbones can create a more lifted look while on the apples of your cheeks give a softer healthier look. It’s all up to you but you really got to try it to actually see what a game-changer this trick is.

3. Batwing eyeliner for hooded eyes

Guys, this one seriously changed my life! I was struggling to do my eyeliner the usual way and when I came across this video from celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes I was mindblown. I really recommend this if you have hooded eyes or heavy folded eyelids that tend to happen naturally as we age. Kate goes on to explain the best sort of formula to use based on how soft or firm your skin is. Then she explains how to connect your eyeliner which ends up looking like a batwing.  With your eyes closed, it looks like a cool graphic style but seems like a totally normal liner with your eyes open! No more creasing, smudging or messing up my eyeliner shape!

4. Layering two primers

I remember finding this tip on a beauty blog a few years ago and TBH I was hesitant to try this. In my head, it made perfect logical sense so when I finally gave it a shot I was pleasantly surprised. This hack basically involves using two primers that will do two different jobs. For example, I use a hydrating primer all over my face except the T-zone and nose. Here I use a smoothening primer that combats shine. This targets areas that need specific help and has the foundation going on smooth and lasting all day.

I’m usually lazy to do this every day but it makes a world of a difference if you’re doing a full face of makeup. Try it out! You might need to experiment and find the winning combo that works best for your skin but it’s totally worth it.

5. DIY your own lipstick

This hack is so handy when you’re in a pinch or want to get creative with your makeup. You can literally create any lipstick colour you want and it’s super easy to do, All you need is an eyeshadow and petroleum jelly aka Vaseline. Use a little bit of loose pigment or gently scrape a little powder shadow and mix it with a pea-sized amount of Vaseline. Once it’s fully blended go ahead and apply it with a lip brush. The fun bit of this hack is that you make glittery lippies and play with some bold colours too! If you’re on a budget and like to experiment this is the best makeup tip ever.

6. Warm-up waxy eye pencils

Don’t you hate it when an eye pencil won’t glide on smoothly because it’s too cold or waxy? It can create chunky and splotchy lines. The best way is to warm up the pencil. The first is to rub the tip on your hand until it softens. The second one is to heat up the end just for a split second in a flame. Wait for 10-15 seconds before applying to your lids. Remember to always test it on the back of your hand first, you don’t want to burn your eyelids. This is a great budget-friendly hack to use on stiff kohl pencils I’ve used numerous times. It’s an old school trick but still holds true to this very day.

7. Lipstick hack for happy lips

If you look sad whenever you apply your lipstick, you could have a slightly downturned mouth. And because we’re following just your natural lip shape the downward ends tend to be more emphasized especially with bright lipstick. This tip for how to line and shape the lips so they look more naturally happy really changed my application process. Now I don’t look so sad in every picture.

Where any of these hacks and tips useful? Have you tried any of them before? Let me know in the comments below.

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