What Your Feelings Would Say If They Could Speak

What Your Feelings Would Say If They Could Speak

Nelly Wadia

Feelings, the very things that seem to get us into a whole lot of trouble. However, where would the fun in life be without feelings and emotions. Without the highs and lows and the curveballs in life, we would be pretty bored. Don’t you agree? If you examined your feelings closely you will eventually notice that they tell a deeper story. We are more than what meets the eye. So our feelings are like messengers, only they whisper in our ears and it is up to us to hear them. And if you want to get anywhere, you need to be able to let them speak to you and tell you what you really need.

Here’s a look at a few feelings that will tell you a deeper story:

Firstly, I want to say that identifying and understanding our feelings is a huge task to undertake. It takes time and patience and the will to understand oneself. Because it is easy to go on living life being oblivious to one’s feelings and the feelings of another. To identify and recognise one’s feelings means accessing pain and dropping one’s guard. This means you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to the risk of being hurt. Do not rush into this if you are not ready. It is an ongoing journey and will take you time to unearth the many facets of feelings and emotions. One day at a time and one step at a time is the best advice I can offer here.

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1) Sadness

If you are feeling sadness then it is begging you to cry and get it all out of your system. And if you aren’t the type of person who cries to feel better then simply assess the situation and try to come to an understanding as to why you feel this way.

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2) Loneliness

The feeling of loneliness might be asking you to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to someone to just have a chat. Catch up, who knows you might actually be helping the other person as well by communicating with them.

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3) Shame

Feeling shame means light is being shed on all the parts of yourself that need to be loved and treated with compassion.

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4) Resentment

If you’re feeling resentment towards someone or a situation it might be telling you that it is indeed time to forgive, let go and move on to greener pastures.

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5) Emptiness

Feeling a sense of emptiness means you might have to switch your focus. Maybe what you are currently pouring your energy into isn’t reaping the kinds of rewards you are seeking out. Try changing your approach or indulge in a creative activity to recentre yourself.

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6) Anger

Feeling anger might be showing you how and where you feel powerless in your life. If you get angry often, count to 10 and breathe. Take some time to process your feelings, it is alright to respond slowly and not react at all if it isn’t a battle worth fighting for. One’s initial response is to react defensively but this also means you need to be more patient and listen with the intent to understand and not just respond.

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7) Anxiety

We only feel anxious when we’re trying to control a situation that isn’t within our control’s reach. The best thing you can do is breathe and let your life unfurl at its own pace and in its due time. Trust in the power of hard work and honesty and persevere.

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8) Fear

The greatest thing you will learn from fear is that you truly care about that very thing so deeply. Think about this line over and over again till it sinks in.

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9) Apathy

When you feel apathetic towards anything in your life it means you are overextended and burnt out. Take a break and really try to unwind. Process your feelings and find your way back to reality.

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10) Stress

Stress is the body’s way of telling you to slow down, to live in the present and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

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So the next time you think you’re experiencing a random emotion just know they aren’t random. They are there to tell you what you need to take a closer look at in your life.

Do you know what your other feelings would say if they could talk? Share it with us in the comments below!

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