During uncertain times like these, a little change in the mood may seem like a bit of a luxury for some while necessity for others. And with the very many apps especially the social media ones available to us, the needed mood-refresher is quite possible by watching some light-hearted content. I too had a moment recently where I craved to watch something that would relax my mind. And while scrolling on my Instagram feed, I came across Aadil Khan and Alisha Singh‘s Dance Reels to some trending numbers that were absolutely entertaining. Some of them also did manage to take me down memory lane and that feeling of nostalgia sure did help me remember the good old days. Wanna see Aadil and Alisha’s dance Reels too?

Scroll Away…

1. Ishq Vishk

Aadil and Alisha took this hit Bollywood number from the movie Ishq Vishk and created this super amazing Reel. The choreography of this song is totally refreshing and fun. I especially love that they have included the hook step of Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar… did you guys sing this line or read it?… ‘cuz I absolutely sang it as I typed those words there.

2. Husnn Hai Suhaana

So this song may be the remix version of the OG one but that shuffling and those dance moves are absolutely killer. This song is such a classic and has such a fun vibe that it uplifts my mood immediately and gets my feet tapping. I also love how Alisha and Aadil have coordinated their attires. Fab job guys!

3. Radha Kaise Na Jale

The swagger dance moves to this soulful yet playful song from Lagaan was not what was expected but I have to admit, it sure does look kick-ass. Aadil and Alisha have slayed it in this Reel with their dance moves and I absolutely loved it.

4. Banne Re

I remember being introduced to this song because of this Reel and being obsessed with it. The whole vibe of this video, the song and Aadil and Alisha’s chemistry and energy is so amazing that it leaves you feeling quite happy and refreshed.

5. Mere Naughty Saiyaan Ji

This song is a whole mood! The initial beats themselves will get you ready to, if not dance, but at least sway and groove even if you are seated. Aadil and Alisha obviously slayed in this video, but Honey Singh totally killed it. Sorry guys, but after a while, I was watching Honey groove like a boss!

6. Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si

Talk about being smooth operators here! Aadil and Alisha nailed this classic song with some graceful dance moves and a whole lot of swag. I may have watched this video a hundred times already and probably can watch it a hundred times more.

7. Don’t Rush

Don’t Rush is a number that must have been used by Instagrammers like crazy on the ‘gram but this extended version of the song is by far my faveee. I love how they have taken the hook steps from the Reel trend and added their own dance moves too. Aadil and Alisha, you guys are absolute rockstars!

So, these were some of the dance Reels by Aadil and Alisha that I cannot get enough of and have them saved on Instagram too, ‘cuz you know, they are so entertaining. These videos have such a fun and feel-good vibe that they are a great help when it comes to making the mood better. Don’t you guys agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, keeping in mind the current situation, I truly hope that better times arrive soon, until then let’s stay home and stay safe.

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