We have all have those burning questions (pun intended) about our lady parts that we’re probably too embarrassed to ask our girlfriends or our gynaecologist. So we decided to pull back the curtain once and for all and address these questions head-on.

So, we invited Dr. Amodita Ahuja, Consultant Gynecologist, Obstetrician, and Laparoscopic Surgeon, to host an Ask Me Anything session on the Girl Tribe by MissMalini App. Dr. Amodita answered all the questions the Tribe had on vaginal care, dealing with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and urinary tract infections (UTIs), the dos and don’ts of taking care of your lady parts, safe sexual practices, busting myths, the best hygiene practices, common vaginal problems, exercises and vaccinations to maintain health, and more. Scroll down to read all about it!

Q. I have been dealing with UTI symptoms for two years now. I experience frequent peeing, constant discomfort, and incomplete peeing. What can I do?

If you are having recurrent UTI then get evaluated by a urologist. They’ll evaluate you to figure out the exact reason for the recurrent UTI.

Q. My mom has Type 2 diabetes and experiences a burning sensation while urinating. Can you suggest something for her?

It looks like she is having the postmenopausal syndrome. Because of that, she is having atrophic urethritis and hence has a recurrent burning sensation.

Q. I have fungal infection around the vagina on both my legs. Please recommend something for me.

If it is not going away with ointment, then you need to take oral antifungal drugs. The treatment will go on for six weeks. Also, get yourself evaluated for diabetes or insulin resistance.

Q. Before my menstrual cycle starts I usually have severe itching in and around my vagina. I started using Vwash and it helps, but is it safe to use daily?

Pls stop using Vwash because it has high content of lactic acid and thereby makes your vaginal ph more acidic. This would make you prone to fungal infection.

Q. I have an on-again, off-again urinary tract infection. Can you please suggest a permanent solution for this?

UTIs are very common in girls. Here’s how you can prevent them:

  • Drink plenty of fluids (3 to 4 liters).
  • Always clean your vagina from front to back.
  • Whenever you are passing urine, pass it forcefully.
  • After intercourse always get up and pass urine.
  • Never sit on public toilets.

Q. Whenever my period stops, I have itching around my private parts. What would you recommend for this?

Check if your sanitary pads are made of plastic. Plastic pads can cause a lot of itching. Switch to orgnanic pads.

Q.  My private parts itch often. Have tried vaginal washes, but my skin becomes dry after using them. Also, there is no gap between my thighs. What do you recommend I do?

If there is no gap between your thighs, then get yourself checked for insulin resistance. And if you are developing that, then itching could be because of fungal infection for which you should get yourself examined by a gynaecologist.

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