Bhumi Pednekar
Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar, along with many other Bollywood actors, tested positive for COVID-19 recently. She had isolated herself and took all the necessary precautions, and has now fully recovered. Post that, she has turned into a COVID warrior herself and is helping people who are in need. She has been actively sharing posts related to Covid-19 support and has encouraged people to get in touch with her if they are in genuine need. Not just this, for a long time now, Bhumi has been vocal about climate conservation and prevention of natural resources.

The actress recently revealed that she has made some major lifestyle changes due to the ongoing situation.

Speaking about the kind of changes she has incorporated, she says:

I had some major lifestyle changes – I went vegetarian and gave up on a lot of things. I realized that I had to come closer to nature and raise more awareness on issues.

In all this time, she also worked on her initiative, Climate Warrior. She shares:

I worked a lot on climate warrior – my initiative that advocates positive love for the planet, that tells people that climate change is real. We do a lot of on-ground activities and use my social media handle about positive advocacy about climate change.

And it is not just now that she is advocating for the environment, but she has been passionate and concerned about it since she was a child.

Speaking about it, she adds:

I have spent sleepless nights scared, as an innocent kid who knew nothing better than thinking oh what would I do when the water dries up. Oh, I should store room full of bottles. Only to realise when you grow up that these were foolish. The current generation are so intelligent, so woke that they are frontrunners and advocates for telling us that the time is ticking.

And this is exactly what she is doing with respect to both COVID-19 awareness as well as climate change — she is appealing to the millennials of the country to step up and do their bit to help.

It is so wonderful to see celebrities like her coming out and using their voice to advocate for issues that are the need of the hour. Kudos and more power to you, Bhumi.

These are tough and trying times we are facing, and we’ll surely come out of it stronger and healthier. Until then, please take care, wear a mask and stay safe at all times.