Over the past year, we’ve seen a ton of retro trends make a comeback in fashion and beauty. Within the makeup sphere itself, we’ve seen a lot of elements from the ’60s, ’70s and even ‘80s make their way to the runways and social media—hello graphic eye looks and blush draping. However, the ’90s is the gift that keeps on giving, with a lot of elements from the era returning to mainstream culture. This time it’s the dark brown lip liner! If you survived the ’90s you would know dark brown lip liners were a staple, seen everywhere and on everyone’s favourite celebrities. Best described as a ring of lip liner that was shades too dark around the lips, it made itself especially known usually with a nude lipstick or gloss to accentuate the contrast. The point of all this? Well, fuller-looking lips of course!

Dubbed the supermodel lip because it was seen on iconic models like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, its resurgence has been slow and steady but is finally hitting the mainstream. Need more convincing? All you need to do is look at celebs like  Kim Kardashian, Jlo, Lizzo and more who have been rocking this lip liner look a lot recently. Getting cringe-worthy flashbacks to that era? Forget the past because there’s no need to fear! The updated version of this trend is so much more wearable! Instead of an insanely dark line around your mouth opt for only one or two shades deeper in a warm-toned brown. And lest you forget, it’s all about blending that liner in before working your lipstick or gloss on top. The result is a gorgeous pout that can’t be missed. Are you sold yet, because we’re officially on board!

Keep scrolling for more brown lip liner inspo from celebrities who’ve been rocking this trend:

1. Kim Kardashian

2. Selena Gomez

3. Lizzo

4. Shay Mitchell

5. Gigi Hadid

6. Jennifer Lopez

7. Bella Hadid

8. Kylie Jenner

What do you think about the brown lip liner trend? Would you try it? Let us know in the comments below.

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