There are two types of people in this world. Those who have siblings and those who don’t. Having a sibling is like having a third parent, but less strict, more fun and equally crazy. While there is no denying the joy siblings bring to your life, one cannot ignore the perks of not having any either. Being an only child is a lot of fun and contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all about feeling lonely and longing for company. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that being the only child in the family is the gift that keeps on giving.

8 Incredibly Undeniable Perks Of Being An Only Child

1. You’re Given All The Attention

Your parents and family focus only on you. They pay a lot of attention to you and everything happening in your life. For many single children, this leads to a closer and tighter bond with their parents. For instance, I am extremely close to my mom and dad and at the risk of sounding lame, they are my best friends. Being an only child makes you (and only you) the apple of their eye. While this can lead to stricter parenting, it also leads to more pocket money, no hand-me-downs and a more surprise “gifts”.

2. No One Ever Refers To You As Someone’s Sister Or Brother

You don’t ever have to live in anyone’s shadows. No teachers in school will judge you based on your sibling. At family functions, no one will ever compare you to your sibling and ask why you’re on a different path of life. And finally, no one will ever refer to you as “Charli’s sister” or “Anil’s brother”. It’s a giant perk, trust us.

3. You Don’t Ever Have To Share

This is one of the best perks of being an only child. You never, ever have to share. Whether it’s your brand new perfume, your delicious midnight snack, your pocket-money or even your parents’ attention, it’s all yours. And if you’re lucky enough, you even get a room all to yourself! Not sharing anything may make only children stingy and irritable, but who cares when you have an entire bed to yourself, right?

4. You’re Always The Favourite Child

Being a favourite is truly a feeling like no other. Knowing that for your parents there is no one better than you is an ego-boost like no other. This spills on to the very next perk too!

5. You’re Always Spoiled

One of the best perks of being an only child is that you’re always spoiled. Want a massive birthday party 5 years in a row? Done. Want a gold bracelet for merely existing? Done. Want to go on a glamping trip with your friends? Done. Since you are their favourite, they will spoil you to no extent. Others will call you out on this, but when you’re driving down their street in your brand new car, who will really have the last laugh?

6. Independence Is Your Second Name

Since you never had anyone to help you out or teach you the ropes of life growing up, you become super independent. You learn how to get things done in the best and most self-sufficient way possible. And it may just be possible that Ne-Yo wrote Miss Independent about you.

7. No One Will Ever Steal Your Thunder

Need we say more? You’re accomplishments will never be overshadowed and you will never live in any one else’s shadow either.

8. You Have A Better Standard Of Living

This is one of the perks of being an only child that everyone in your family can benefit from. Raising a child is expensive – right from schooling, medical expenses, college, a wedding and holidays. Imagine raising two or three. It’s a financial nightmare! However, when it’s just you, there is more money in the bank. This extra cushioning raises your family’s standard of living. Why travel with 3 kids to Dubai in economy when you can travel with one to France in business class? Even when it comes to education and marriage, your parents are able to budget better! It really is a win-win situation.

While having siblings is great, there is no denying the incredible perks of being an only child. What do you think? Share it with us in the comments below.

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