The last few weeks have truly been hard. Finding the motivation to begin the week with fresh perspective is hard. But when all else fails, affirmations can give us the courage to pick ourselves up and boost our confidence. Affirmations don’t necessarily work for everyone but it doesn’t hurt to try. Most times it will only work if you truly believe in what you are saying and putting into the universe. Thoughts become actions, there is a reason they say and believe this statement. It is so important to overlap our negative chatter with positive and reaffirming thoughts. So let me help you with a few lines that help me get going when the going gets tough.

Go look yourself in the mirror right now and say your affirmations sincerely. Of course, it can feel awkward but once you get through the initial stages of disbelief you actually come out feeling confident and positive. When you repeat these positive affirmations and believe in them you start to see positive changes in your life. It takes a few minutes every morning, do them in your thoughts as you meditate or just say them out loud.

Here are a few affirmations to help you begin your week positively:

1) It is a happy thing to wake up and begin a new day.

We are lucky to be able to wake up to another beautiful day. Show your gratefulness for life.

2) Today is going to be great.

If you want to have a good day, you have to believe it will be a good day.

3) I will not stress about the things I cannot control.

If you were to stress about certain things they still wouldn’t turn out the way you want them to. Leanr to let go of the control and belive that what is meant for you is on it’s way to you.

4) Today is a good day to be the best version of myself.

When is it not a good day to be your best self. Be unapologetic and honest in your ways.

5) I can handle anything that comes my way.

If you could ‘t handle it, it wouldn’t come your way. Just remember there is a lesson at the end of this.

6) I am resilient.

Our experiences make us tougher. We become fighters and survivors. Every time we fall we get right back up.

7) I look forward to having a great week a work and home.

Go things come to those who believe and put in the work.

8) I can make a positive impact on someone’s life today.

If you see somebody struggling, give them a helping hand. It will come back to you threefold.

9) I deserve a chance to rest.

As much as the body dn mind give, it needs to rest. Give it love and thank it for everything it does. You are not apathetic simply because you need to replenish.

10) I do not have to hold myself to a standard of perfection.

No one and nothing is perfect and that is the beauty of life. Our flaws make us grow.

11) I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Believe in the timing of the universe. You are exactly where you need to be in life.

12) I give myself permission to go after what I want.

If you want something, no one is going to hand it to you, you have to fight for it too and nail and if not just simply ask for it.

13) I take responsibility for my mistakes. And I also forgive myself for making those mistakes.

We are human and we make mistakes. Just own up and take responsibility. Your honesty will set things right. And remember it is okay to make these mistakes.

14) I am so excited about what this week will bring and all the opportunities I am about to create for myself!

Create opportunities for joy. You have to be the star of your life.

15) I will be the boss of today. Today will not be the boss of me!

Don’t let the day take control of you. You do you through the day and see how it turns out.

What are some affirmations that you use to kick start your week? Let me know in the comments below.

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