Are you on social media 24/7, just like us? Well then currently it could be a little overwhelming with everything that’s happening around us. We know there’s a lot of disturbing news all over social media with people urging for oxygen and bed supplies as well as medications. Our only request to you all is to stay home and stay safe, while we keep uplifting your moods. So, for everyone who hasn’t seen ‘The Bold Type’ let me give you all a little heads up. It’s an American comedy-drama series that is inspired by the life of former editor-in-chief of the Cosmopolitan magazine Joanna Coles who also is an executive producer of this show. This show is all about positivity and empowerment on social media and in life. Let’s see how!

Check them out:

1. Voice your opinion

As shown in The Bold Type, it’s important that we all must speak our hearts out at the same time making sure it does not harm or have any negative effects on someone else. Tbh, never be afraid of speaking your mind out or of the fear of people judging you. Be strong just like, Kat Edison a.k.a Aisha Dee here who has her own opinion on every topic. She is not afraid to express herself out loud. This is crucial as it helps to build one’s self-confidence and ngl, but it gives you an incredible sense of inner peace and strength. So, next time speak up and create your own space!

2. Empower Women

Tbh, this show is all about empowerment, positivity and guidance and you really gotta watch it if you haven’t yet. We love how these strong, independent women in the series balance their social and professional life so smoothly. Well, as we all know content creation is open to all and has become a huge part of social media so it is important for the creators to use this platform to express themselves as that’s how their voice will be heard. We come across many strong boss ladies on the internet who are ruling the social media space with their awesome content. Moreover, they are breaking barriers, inspiring and empowering other women with their content.

3. Expanding opportunities to connect with people

Have you ever made a friend or have an acquiescence online? Cause we definitely have got in touch with many people online especially during this pandemic. It’s quite interesting to know the kind of different opinions people have, it defo helps us in having an open mind. Not to forget, we are glad for social media as it helps us get jobs, can do virtual dates, and whatnot. Well, as we speak about networking and positivity, check out the GirlTribe by MissMalini app to connect with your Kat, Jane, and Sutton.

4. Helps in spreading a single message to millions

As everyone is aware currently, social media is the biggest help for millions of people out there. Influencers are helping people with whatever they can to do reach out to mass, isn’t it amazing seeing everyone come together as a whole? We are happy to be in such a space where connecting and spreading positivity is more important than letting people down by mean comments and trolling. Nowadays a single tweet or a click reaches the mass like a wildfire just like Instagram trends. They truly blow up the platform. Well, how many of you remember the scene where Kat tweeted the #BeReal that flooded her Twitter with comments!

5. Disarms social stigmas

Let us all repeat this! Say no to social stigmas. In this show, Kat Edison breaks all the social stigmas and slams back at people who try to convince her to hide her identity and that’s the kind of motivation we love to watch. We are in the 21st century and if you still have thoughts like a girl can’t marry a girl or a mother can’t get remarried then please don’t throw your opinions on us.  It’s really not a big deal, whether your gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer. What matters is the kind of person you are from within. There is no place for discrimination and disapproval against anyone, we all are humans and should be treated equally.

There you go, hope this is convincing enough for you all to watch this show if you haven’t already. Social media is a blessing that we have and we must use it wisely to promote positivity and pledge not to spread negativity. There’s a saying, ‘If there’s a will, there’s a way’, so find that way. Lastly, we hope you all have registered yourself for the vaccine if you are 18+.