Street style as a genre of fashion has been around for decades but it really picked up momentum in India as and how Instagram became popular. One of the features of street style is how individualistic it is and that’s why much of the youth here resonates with it. To top it, street style lays a lot of emphasis on comfort which, for a long time, was a missing factor from the fashion equation. Now with the rise of “aesthetic feeds” that boasts of one’s personal style with unusual fits, away from mainstream fashion, it’s safe to say, street style has become rampant in India. There are tons of fashion-forward personalities whose Instagram presence is a treat for those that love this genre.

But how exactly do you ace it? After scouring through, here are a few fashion tips we collected that should help you out. Go!

1. Mix wardrobe basics with athleisure

At the core of it, street style is about your daily fashion. Street fashion, just as the name suggests. It’s what people pick, blindly, without much thought. And that’s why it’s so unique. Hence, wardrobe basics form the basis of street style. However, the key lies in including athleisure pieces in your outfits. From hoodies to sweats, invest in them all. Curating offbeat looks using these closet staples is pivotal in building statement outfits. So that could be an oversized white t-shirt tucked into a pair of sweat pants and layered with an oversized blazer. Sure, wardrobe basics aren’t the it-all of a street style closet but they play an important role in acing it. Picking wardrobe basics with whacky elements think quirky colours, motifs, slogans and more will further elevate your look.

2. Go for oversized fits

The idea of streetwear is to represent yourself, who you are and what you believe in. It’s about being comfortable with the idea of yourself and literally being comfortable in your clothes. If you spot fashion-savvy personalities flaunting their street style best, you’ll notice, there is often an XXL layer making a cameo. Could range from baggy jeans, oversized t-shirts, shirts to blazers paired with fitted clothing. Or sometimes, baggy paired with baggy. The trick lies in playing around with size proportions to create an unconventional fit.

3. Layer, layer, layer

Layering, basic or complex, is an important characteristic of acing street fit. It adds more depth to an outfit and gives the look a unique personality and a stylish edge.

4. Statement accessories are a must

Attention to detail is key. For an impactful street style look, throw quirky accessories to the mix. It could range from chunky chainlink necklaces, larger-than-life hoops, chokers, cocktail rings, bags, hair accessories or more. Much like how your clothes speak for you, your choice of accessories should do the same. Pick what resonates with you, not just what looks good. But whatever you pick, ensure that it has a spotlight of its own. Accessories go a long way in making an impactful OOTD—street style or not.

5. Limited edition will take you places

While this is not a make-it-or-break-it feature of street style, it is indeed an important one because Hypebeast culture is closely related to owning sneakers that are not readily available. However, you can also make-do with almost any other pair of sneakers to curate offbeat street style looks.

6. Don’t forget your artistic roots

Street style heavily lays focus on mixing fashion with contemporary art. Do this via wearing pieces that are a product of interesting collaborations between designers and artists or clothes featuring contemporary artwork, brand logos etc. In simple terms, including a little bit of culture is what makes street style so unique, individualistic and a way of living.

7. Keep it authentic

The base idea of street style is to dress according to your personality. It should show the world who you are without having to speak so in such a case, blindly following someone else isn’t going to help you stand out. Authenticity is to street style what nutrition is to our bodies—essential. So that could be DIY pieces you make, kinds of styles you pick, for example, formals, athleisure only, casuals, etc., how you style your clothes and finally, the confidence you carry it all with.

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