The thing about being a night owl is that you are almost often branded as someone with an unhealthy lifestyle. The idea that early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise, in my opinion, is not accurate and comes across as quite judgemental because some people are just not wired like that. Besides, there are so many nighttime jobs in the world that are essential in nature so does that make people who work in those sectors less wealthy or wise? I beg to differ. I have been a night owl all my life until a few months back when I decided to flip that lifestyle and become an early riser. Practised it for a few weeks but realised it wasn’t for me.

The bottom line is, some people just tend to perform better as the night approaches. For example, me. And that’s why I decided to list down the reasons why I absolutely love being a part of the night owl’s club!

1. Interruption-free work hours

Working in the wee hours of the night is the best! There’s no one to disturb you for whatsoever reasons and even if there are, you can choose to ignore them, you know why? Because it’s nighttime. That said, no interruptions also helps in getting my work done faster and with a much calm mind leading to better results.

2. Night time = philosophical mind = endless creativity

Don’t nights just automatically put a philosophical twist to everything? Or if not philosophical, a slightly more thoughtful spin, at the least. I mean you could be having a super fun, casual and light-hearted conversation with someone in the day but as the clock strikes midnight, the conversation could turn a little more intense. You get my point, right, since we’ve all been there?  This state of mind helps my creativity go from a 50 to a 100. Out of the box ideas flow out far more easily than they do in the day time.

3. Snacking at night hits differently

Midnight food cravings can be quite intense and satisfying them is downright therapeutic. Snacking at night truly makes you appreciate food a lot more or maybe it’s just me but it’s my most favourite thing about being a night owl!

4. Falling asleep is way easier

Staying up till, say, dawn, is not a task but once I start to feel sleepy, it doesn’t take me more than 10 minutes to slip into a deep slumber. Sleeping at like 11 PM involves a whole lot of struggle and that ends up making me restless because then I’m thinking about how I’m not falling asleep and I am also wasting time. But the sweet exhaustion of staying up at nights helps me fall asleep faster and into a deep, deep sleep at that!

5. You get more time to do more things

Say you fall asleep at 4 AM and you wake up by 11 or 12 PM, not only do you get the rest of the day to do whatever it is you want to do, you also have the entire night for yourself. Isn’t that an absolute win-win situation?

Are you also a proud night owl? What are some reasons that make you love this quirky lifestyle? Tell me in the comments below.

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