20 Things You Should Do In Your Twenties

Sakshi Kore , 29 May 2021
Embrace Your Twenties by Rorygez Fresh | www.shutterstock.com
Embrace Your Twenties by Rorygez Fresh | www.shutterstock.com

I am not here to brag about how your twenties are the best and yada yada because I believe that every period of life is fun and special in its own way. But I will say this, the younger you are, the slightly better life is because, in terms of worries and stress, generally, the amount is fairly less. Now the thing about the twenties is that it’s the start of your adulthood and officially leaving behind your childhood and teenage years wherein being reckless was more or less acceptable. The twenties are for truly exploring life, building your foundation, gradually developing emotional intelligence and learning to have fun whilst understanding that life isn’t quite easy and basically striking a balance between the two.

Since this is the starting period of your adult life, it’s also the most confusing one in terms of knowing and not knowing how to navigate your life. Important things to do and whatnot. That’s why we made a quick list of things you should try achieving before you turn 30 to have a wholesome and fulfilling twenties. Scroll ahead!

1. Fall in love (and probably have your heartbroken).

2. Travel solo at least once.

3. Set a killer routine for your physical and mental health.

4.  Explore in terms of your career.

5. Open a savings account and do not touch it at all.

6. Cultivate a habit of loving and believing in yourself.

7. Move out if possible and live by yourself to get a taste of the real world.

8. Volunteer for a social cause.

9. Network as much as possible to increase your contacts.

10. Take on a new hobby or learn a new skill.

11. Learn the art of multitasking.

12. Most definitely learn to cook ’cause knowing how to cook goes a long way!

13. Learn the importance of investments, financial stability and ways to invest and expand your assets.

14. Step out of your comfort zone and step out often.

15. Analyse your circle and figure out the kind of people you want to be around.

16. Develop a good relationship with yourself and learn to understand yourself better.

17. Be aware of your society, political scenario and world politics as well.

18. Learn a new language.

19. Develop certain social skills that will help you throughout your life. For example, assertiveness, leadership, empathy, patience, politeness etc.

20. Take on more and more adult responsibilities.

Pandemic or not, most of these points are quite important to learn and understand so you’re ready to step into your thirties having established a pretty good foundation of life. That said, everyone has their own path to carve in their own way and in no way should you feel pressurised to do something you don’t want to. It’s all trial and error. But we do hope this list helps you navigate them roaring 20s a little better!

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