If you’re someone who is a desi meme aficionado, then you might have definitely come across the latest viral one featuring actress Amrita Rao! The meme is of hers from her iconic film, Vivaah, where she plays a coy and sanskaari bahu-to-be opposite Shahid Kapoor.

The meme has her dialogue from the film, where she asks someone to have some water and says, ‘Jal Lijiye’. Memers and social media users have been creating memes on it and it’s hilarious. But what’s more hilarious is Amrita’s recreation of the scene that she shared yesterday!

Amrita took to her Instagram to share a clip of her offering water in a glass labelled ‘jal’, only she created a twist in it wherein she comes bearing a glass of water along with a bucket of water that she splashes on the camera — like a ‘take that for a twist‘! Her husband, RJ Anmol, took to the comments to write, ‘She’s so naughty’!

Check out the video here:

Now, this is one fun recreation of the OG scene from the OG Vivaah girl. And it’s so fun! It definitely is great to see how sportive she is, no?

The actress and RJ Anmol welcomed their first child together, Veer, in November last year